Cosplay Conventions in Germany
All You Need to Know Before Attending Cosplay Conventions in Germany 10

As the Cosplay Conventions in Germany seem to occur in all seasons, if you are enthusiastic and dedicated enough, you can easily hit all four events that occur in the year. However, even if you don’t go to all four events, attending one event will help you find your group of people and make you more comfortable too.  Now the real star of the show is the cosplay costumes that everyone wears, so getting your hands on a good cosplay outfit that represents your interests and aesthetics is vital. That is where Cosplay Hero comes in.

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Best Place to Buy Cosplay Costumes

All You Need to Know Before Attending Cosplay Conventions in Germany 11

They have a variety of outfits ranging from their popular “The Legend of Zelda” outfit (Click Here!)  to superhero costumes too. This spiderman suit is the best option for all Marvel fans out there! Click Here!). So, if you are undecided on what you should wear to the cosplay conventions in Germany, Cosplay Hero is your one-stop shop for cosplay costumes of all kinds. As they have an extensive variety you will be able to find something that fits your clothing aesthetic.

How to Decide on a Costume?

If you don’t have a character in mind, that’s okay too! You can easily browse the internet and look for an artistic outfit, that fits your personality. Our recommendation is to look at the costumes of professional cosplay actors, and how they dress up and accessorize. This video on YouTube might help you out on how accessories make the costume and illusion come together (Click Here!). Many looks of cosplay characters are available on the internet, so choose a look you admire.

Where are These Cosplay Conventions in Germany held?

Germany’s Cosplay Conventions are held in large expo halls, which means that there is enough room to roam around. At the entrance, you are checked for your ticket. A queue is likely formed in Infront of the building, the convention is supposed to happen. Now if you don’t have your costume on already, there is going to be a dedicated area, where you can go ahead and get into your costume. The hall is seemingly filled with stalls on both sides, where you can shop for vintage items and all the geeky paraphernalia that you want. However, if you’re not into shopping, you can easily go to the staged areas to have your photo taken.  

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A rise in Cosplay Conventions in Germany

A rise in Cosplay Conventions in Germany
All You Need to Know Before Attending Cosplay Conventions in Germany 12

Although, cosplay originated in Japan, during the 1970s its popularity made its way to Germany. Although manga and anime characters have seemed to gain the most of attention, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a rapidly growing following for the other genres. The number of cosplay conventions in Germany has seemed to increase drastically in the following years, as events are now conducted in various parts all over the country. As Germany is regarded as a smaller country, you can easily visit it multiple times, and attend all the conventions if you can afford it. But if you can’t, you should attend the largest conventions which take place in Kassel (Connichi) and Bonn (Animagic).

Attending these events, with help you connect with like-minded people and you will be able to find your cosplay gang of friends. But you must decide on an outfit and character that you are sure you can represent well and that goes with your personality, as cosplay is designed for you to have fun being someone else! In addition to this, what makes a cosplay costume stand out is the details, as you will need to buy all the minor items ranging from wigs to the bodysuit. CosplayHero (Cosplay Hero Website! ) is the perfect place to shop for all your cosplay needs.

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In the end, we would say that attending cosplay conventions is all about getting out of your comfort zone and meeting with people who have the same passion and interests as you. Dressing up is just half of the fun! Germany seems to be the best place for attending these Cosplay events, as they are held all the time, so you can’t miss it, no matter when you visit. Cosplay is said to enrich people’s lives and is even stated to be a skill, so if you possess this skill why not show it off in these conventions?