Sailor Moon cosplay is a popular option for cosplay. This is a Sailor warrior whose powers are based on love and the moonlight. She is the leader of the so-called Sailor Team. She is also the only one on the team with excellent healing abilities. You are looking for a Sailor Moon Cosplay?


Sailor Moon’s civilian identity is Usagi Tsukino. This rather clumsy and awkward schoolgirl is given the ability by the cat Luna to transform into Sailer Moon with the help of a special brooch. A warrior who fights for love and justice against evil.

Originally, there was no Sailor Moon in the Silver Millennium. The task of the four Sailor Warriors at that time was to protect Princess Serenity, the heir to the throne of the Moon Kingdom. And this very princess was reborn in modern 20th century Tokyo as Usagi Tsukino. So Sailor Moon is a kind of camouflage for the moon princess, so that she won’t be found by the Dark Kingdom. Through the intervention of the moon cat Luna, Usagi Tsukino aka Sailor Moon becomes the leader of the Sailor Team.

Luna was on a mission to find the four warriors and the Moon Princess and mistakenly thought that Sailor Moon was one of the four princess bodyguards and Sailor Venus was the princess she was looking for. However, as the story progresses, the mistake turns out to be true and it becomes clear that Sailor Moon is the real Princess Serenity.

Sailor Moon Cosplay

Sailor Moon is the only person capable of using the Silver Crystal, which can be used to cleanse people of all evil.

Throughout the complete story, Sailor Moon constantly evolves and takes on slightly varied forms:

  • Super Sailor Moon Cosplay
    The second and amplified form Sailor Moons
  • Eternal Sailor Moon Cosplay
    Sailor Moon’s third and most powerful form of transformation.

Sailor Moon Cosplay Weapons

Sailor Moon has numerous weapons and accessories that should be used accordingly in Sailor Moon cosplay. In our well-stocked online shop you will of course find the corresponding options:

  • Diadem
  • Moon Stick / Moonlight Stick
  • Cutie Moon Rod
  • Spiral Heart Moon Rod
  • Kaleidomoon Scope
  • Eternal Tiara
  • Moon Power Tiara

For example, Sailor Moon can amplify her voice with the red hair pin, see other people in danger with glasses, and use the white hair ornament as small throwing arrows.

Sailor Moon Cosplay Costumes

If you want to make it easy for yourself, you can buy complete Sailor Moon cosplay costumes in the online shop. Or you can get creative and make your own costume. For this you can then buy numerous accessories, with which the costume then becomes really realistic.

Important are of course wigs, tiaras, tiaras, etc. that simply belong to your Sailor Moon Cosplay. Best you just look around and let yourself be inspired!