When it comes to celebrating Cosplay and Halloween with your little one, there is no compromise. This Halloween, unwind yourself and spend this precious time with your young boy by dressing up in fun costumes. The best thing about October is Halloween costumes, and you don’t want to miss this golden opportunity with your son. So, take the chance to dress up with him, take loads of funny pictures and make memories of a lifetime.

There are many choices when it comes to dressing up for cosplay and Halloween. This article provides a detailed overview of the different themes which can be used to dress up.

Here are Some Amazing Costume Ideas to Nail the Look with Your Son!

1.  “101 Dalmatians” Mother-Son Costume:

With just a bit of an evil attitude and the right look, you can ace your Cruella De Vil look and make your son dress up like one of those little dalmatians! Isn’t it cute? Dress up your little one in the cutest puppy you could ever imagine. He will be overjoyed to receive attention from your side, but hopefully better attention than the one intended for the dalmatians in the movie itself.    

movie itself

2.  Lion and Giraffe DIY Mother-Son Costume:

If you are a tall mom, this would particularly impress you. Dress up your little one as a lion or cub and you can become a perfect giraffe to make the best wild-animal duo ever! The warm costume is also likely to keep you comfortable throughout the Halloween night, not much different from a fur cloak, eh? Sounds like an amazing idea!

Just take a look at that little one! You might not want to skip this costume for Halloween or cosplay this year, do you?

do you

3.  Dr. Seuss Mother-Son Costumes:

Surely there must be kids who love Dr. Seuss just as much as their moms do. If you have a huge Dr. Seuss fan at your house, then this idea is for you! It would be fantastic as a mom can become the “CAT IN THE HAT”, and if she has two toddlers, they can dress us as “Thing 1” and “Thing 2”.

Thing 2

4.  ‘Monsters, Inc’ Mother-Son Duo:

Halloween is a perfect time to dress up as a monster and scare the people in your neighborhood, or kids living down the block. You scare your child before bedtime about monsters, but this time you both will scare other people. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

You both can dress up as Sulley and Randall from the ever-so-famous Monsters, Incand get your little one to do the scaring with you. Make sure he doesn’t end up scaring you though!   

you though

5.  Batman and Joker Mother-Son Costumes:

A lot of young boys these days enjoy watching classic Batman cartoons and yet what would be a better idea than you both recreating Batman and the Joker, this Halloween? This could be a treat for your little boy if you not only dress him up as Batman, but you dress up like The Joker, yourself. Ever seen a mommy dress up as Joker? Well, here comes one!!

If you dress up accurately, you can pull this look well.

this look well

6.  Minnie Mouse and Donald Duck:

How can we forget Minnie Mouse and Donald Duck, when it comes to an amusing dress-up? You don’t need daddy to complete your Mickey Mouse, but you can always create a mother-son duo by dressing up as Minnie Mouse and Donald Duck! If you are a mother with a bubbly personality, you can give 100% to this look, and with a cute, adorable toddler – everything is possible.

is possible

7.  Red-Riding Hood and Big Bad Wolf:

A naughty son would be perfect as the big, bad wolf. They will be very much interested in dressing up as a character that is evil and up to not good. By dressing up in the duo of the Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf, you can easily fool grandma with this one-of-a-kind look.

Oh, and to add on, are you looking for a special woods setting just as you had read in the storybook? Well, just go to the nearest tree outside your home and click the best photo! There, your perfect picture Halloween picture has been captured.

been captured

8.  Elsa and Olaf from “Frozen”:

How can we forget the most important contribution here? Whether it’s a boy or a girl, both enjoy watching Frozen movie. With the right costume and a long braid, coupled with the best Elsa makeup you can do, you can easily nail this look and obviously with a passionate, little one curious to be like Olaf, everything will be on point.

Here is your toddler’s time to chant “Hi, I’m Olaf and I like warm hugs!”. So, gear yourself up for this excellent winter look!

winter look

9.  Starbucks Barista serving a Frappuccino:

Now, this is something you’ve heard for the first time, right? Well, it is equally interesting at the same time! Mommy could dress up as a Starbucks barista and the infant sleeping in your arms could become a Frappuccino. The funny part is, he won’t be able to even realize as to what he is dressed up as this Halloween.

Can you smell the aroma of coffee in the air while at your local coffee shop? Well, it’s the Frappuccino coffee being served on the table next to you. It is believed that coffee brings happiness to a person, so why not combine the two things that bring you sheer happiness in your life? Holding your son while you don your favorite coffee costume? Seems like a perfect idea! 

perfect idea

10.  Olive Oyl and Sweet Pea from Popeye the Sailorman:

Popeye the Sailorman is one of the oldest cartoons to ever exist, that started way back in 1929. To this day, it is thoroughly enjoyed by every kid. Popeye even had a T.V show in the 1960s, which was still being shown during the early 2000s.

Hence, to say that Popeye has been entertaining entire generations would be an understatement. You can reminisce the time you spent watching Popeye by dressing up yourself and your kid as Olive Oyl and Swee’ Pea, this Halloween! What a wonderful way to express your love and nostalgia to the cartoon!

the cartoon

So, if you are confused as to how you should dress up this Halloween or for your next cosplay, take a look at these suggestions and you will be able to make a better decision. Good luck!