The art of cosplay has spread far and wide today. Cosplayers usually get dressed up and embody fictitious characters from their favorite books, movies, comics, or shows. But if you’re a novice at the craft, then here are 15 cosplay truths for you that only cosplay otakus would know:

Origin of the art

An Otaku must be aware of how cosplay came into being. This term was devised by a Japanese reporter Nobuyuki Takahashi, by mingling the two words costume and play. This happened because he was inspired by college students who were costumed up in a science fiction convention that he attended in 1939.

Horrors of Crunch Time

cosplayer fears

Every cosplayer fears the crunch time. You may also have faced this time while getting ready for your new cosplay. It is a 12-24 hour of time frame where your cosplay is not ready but you need it for the very next day. So to complete your costume, you end up staying up all night. To avoid this exhausting crunch time, you must plan ahead of time. Never plan a cosplay just before a week of the con. At least a month of preparation time is adequate. If you make a schedule or journal then you can even eradicate this crunch time.

Pockets are your BFFs

Your cosplay is not complete if you don’t have enough pockets to carry your phone, keys, and wallet. The biggest mistake cosplayers make is to not include pockets in their costume designs. Some cosplayers are blessed enough to have friends who are willing to carry their things. However, you can select a cosplay that has a possibility of including pockets. Or select a cosplay that has a belt or bag. Many well-known cosplayers have invented ways to make
secret pockets that do not ruin the look of the costume.


Tired feet

If you plan to cosplay at a con or an event, then you’ll have to roam around for almost an entire day. Your legs and feet will have to bear a lot of pain. If you are fortunate, your feet won’t get blistered. However, most attendees aren’t that lucky. In their case, the shoes their chosen character demands are unusual and uncomfortable. So to help your feet, you must get shoe inserts that are soft, removable pads for the feet and heels.

Wig caps to the rescue

A lot of famous characters are recognized by their unique hair colors and styles. Although humans don’t have natural neon hair, they can utilize the presence of wigs of every color. Here comes the struggle of carrying the wig caps. Some cosplayers use zillions of bobby pins to control their hair under the wigs. It is recommended to not use this trick as it will make your hair a disaster. Using a wig cap is an easy approach to not ruin your hair and make it a mess. A wig cap easily prevents your hair from coming loose.

Ahoge – Foolish Hair

If you’re a true Otaku, then you must know what Ahoge means. For those who are new to cosplay, it is a Japanese term with the literal meaning of foolish hair. They are a singular strand of hair that stands out at different angles and directions. If you want to get yourself an Ahoge styled hair then you merely need the following: Wig, wire, tape, scissors, glue, and hair gel.

Why buy a costume when you have a closet

Foolish Hair

Once you take up the hobby of cosplay, there is no going back. The only thing that suffers is your money. This is why you might feel the constant urge to extend the life of your cosplay costume when going to events and comic cons. As such, closet cosplay is a budget-friendly way to cosplay. It is a way to find articles in your closet, your friends’ closet, or budget-friendly stores. This highlights the idea of recognizable cosplay and not an accurate cosplay. For an ideal closet cosplay, all you need to do is to boil down the most recognizable features of the character and make a close-enough version of their outfit.


An extra layer of accessory brings a wow factor to your cosplay. Accessories and props are always helpful to make the cosplay more eye-catching. When it comes to the photo-shoot, a prop helps you array yourself in various poses. But sometimes these props are way too heavy or risky so they can cause issues if carried in public. This is why it is difficult to choose a prop as a cosplayer. So try your best to follow the guidelines set by the con to avoid any issues.

Genderbend and Crossplay


The most diversified thing about cosplay is that it doesn’t restrict you to your own gender. You don’t need to be limited to a character that is of your own gender. Here comes the validity of crossplay and gender bends. In this case, you are blessed with the rule of gender-bent cosplay. This means that for every male character there is a female equivalent. On the other hand, crossplay gives you a chance of modifying your gender to that of your favorite character. This experience is also enjoyable as you are representing the character as it is in reality

Cosplay of your brain-child character

There is a huge misconception about cosplay that you can only choose a character that already exists in the world of fiction. These characters are from movies, TV series, or video games. However, as a cosplayer you could also create your character or even curate a cosplay of three or more characters simultaneously. This is why this art involves creativity and plenty of hard work.

Plastic bags: your knights in shining armor

Cosplayers have a habit of collecting shopping bags. Be it zip locks or normal plastic bags, it is required for the safety of their precious costumes. A professional costume could cost quite a lot of bucks. That’s why to ensure the safety of that costume, cosplayers collect these bags. These plastic bags protect them from getting any dirt, liquid, or even dust on their outfit. Smaller bags are also treated like gems as they are useful for storing wigs, makeup, accessories, and props. Cosplay merchandise that you get your hands on at the cons also requires safety which is why these shoppers are so close to the hearts of cosplayers.

Substitutes for meals

food at cosplay

Expecting to get proper food at cosplay convention is a no-no. The smaller cons even don’t provide food or even places to buy food. On top of that, the food at these conventions is way too expensive. And at times, you may be so occupied in cosplay, that the thought of eating doesn’t cross your mind at all. This is why arranging some food for yourself comes from your end. Many cosplayers bring small and easy-to-carry food along with them. This includes vegetables, tuna packs, protein shakes, chips, granola bars, and even trail mix

Rest is crucial

Sleep never comes easy to cosplayers. Also, you may have to travel as a cosplayer. Getting some sound sleep in an unknown bed is not a piece of cake. But it is essential to get enough rest if you have to cosplay the very next day. For this, there are several ways to  ensure a comfortable sleep. For instance, playing soft music or a lullaby, wearing eye masks and earplugs, etc.

YouTube: Your true mentor

For cosplayers, YouTube is their ultimate guide. YouTube has tutorials for almost every single cosplay character. There are specific channels that are completely dedicated to cosplay. If you don’t know how to create your favorite cosplay outfit, there are dozens of channels that could help you through the whole process. They come in handy since they provide thousands of guidelines according to your budget. They provide you advantages and give you various methods to create your personalized outfit. But one must keep in mind that while no doubt these tutorials are crucial, in some scenarios they don’t lead you to the desired outcome you might want.

Stitching is only a single part of  Cosplay

People think cosplay is about sewing new costumes all day long. In fact, that is just only one part of cosplay. Some cosplayers indulge in cosplay adventures without stitching their outfits themselves, since fabric adhesives, and even clothing stores that sell used clothes is what saves them from that. If you go for stitching then you must know how much time and competence are required to complete any outfit. Apart from sewing clothes, it’s also about makeup, mannerisms, speech, expressions, props, and wigs. Although it takes a lot of time to be a pro at this hobby, many people spend their whole lives cosplaying and earning from it

sewing clothes