Dressing up for Halloween or recreating your favorite character for a cosplay event is super fun but stressful too. Deciding the character, making the costume, getting in action, and finally being able to flaunt it is a long and tiring process.

However, if you want to multiply the enjoyment and fun, doing family coordinated costumes is a great idea. Matching costumes do not only get all the attention and likes on Instagram, but also create an amazing experience for you and your family. If you have decided to opt for family costumes, the next question that pops up is which characters to portray?

Fret not, we have come up with 18 amazing ideas which are fun and also very easy to pull off with your family. Our ideas include suggestions from Disney as well as Marvel. We have also gathered some super cute freestyle ideas for families with babies and little kids. So let’s get started!

1. Toy Story

Toy Story

Our first family costume idea is from the all-time favorite cartoon movie, Toy Story! If you have little kids in your family, this can be the best option for you. And it is not just for kids, even adults can easily pull off these cute toy characters. What we like about this setting is the vibrant colors. These create an extremely happy vibe which not only you will feel, but will also radiate to others.

2. Super Mario Brothers

Super Mario Brothers

This one is old but classic. Super Mario Brothers is our second idea for this year’s Halloween or Cosplay event. Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and little fungi mushrooms are super fun and easy to recreate. The characters are also easy and very familiar when it comes to performance. Moreover, you and your cute family will be easily spotted among many others because who doesn’t love Super Mario Bros?

3. Aladdin


Aladdin may be a romantic Disney story, but it is one of our favorite ideas for family costume coordination. Princess Jasmine, Jafar, Genie, Abu, Lago, and Aladdin himself have super elaborate and sublime outfits which are easy to recreate. You can even be the Magic Carpet for some extra detail and excitement!

4. Monsters Inc.

Monsters Inc

The best thing about the Monsters Inc. characters is the playfulness among the characters. The colors of aliens themselves are super bright and cute. Moreover, not much effort is required to recreate Boo, Mike, James, Roz, and even Celia. In the picture above, you can see the mom flaunting Celia with one eye.

The characters seem to have high effort requirement, but it’s actually really easy if you go crafting on onesies and parachute coats.             

5. The Flintstones

The Flintstones

This one is bound to turn heads. The Flintstones is widely popular and has been one of the favorite cartoon TV shows especially for families. Recreating the family look on Halloween or for cosplay can be a major win. Whether you have babies or elderly in your family, portraying the Flintstones will give you an option of making costumes for each one of the folks.

Fred, Wilma, Barney, and Betty are best choices for young couples. Bamm Bamm and Pebbles have got your babies/kids covered.

6. The Parr Family

The Parr Family

The normal family behind the alter egos, The Parr Family makes an awesome family costume option. The unity and synchronized look of all the characters reduces the hassle for extra and individualistic detailing for each person. One color fabric suffices for costumes for the whole clan. Bob, Helen, Violet, and Jack make a perfect family in the movie as well as on Halloween or at cosplay events!

7. Inside Out

Inside Out

Inside Out was a major block buster. The depth in the characters and pivotal storyline amazed everyone. The characters from this movie can also be a great option for family costumes. The young girl named Riley is the protagonist which can be played by your little sister or daughter. Joy, Fear, Sadness, Anger, and Disgust are strong characters and can be recreated with some creativity.

You will not only enjoy making the costumes but also playing the roles.

8. The Avengers

The Avengers

Avengers is a great option for Halloween or cosplay events. Your whole clan can show off some super power this year. Get some paper chits, write down the names of characters and do a fun lucky draw. Whatever each family member draws, that’s who they will recreate!

The costume designing and styling may feel a little hectic but the praise and enjoyment will be worth all the effort.

9. Circus Group

Circus Group

It is absolutely not necessary to choose characters from a TV show, movie or cartoon. When it comes to family costume ideas, random creative ideas can be very pivotal. Just like this one right here, you and your family can go all circus-y!

Fun and easy characters like a clown, acrobat, trained animals, musicians, dancers, hoppers, jugglers, and magicians will surely be loved by everyone and especially kids.

10. Sunshine & Rain

Sunshine & Rain

Can’t get enough of the cuteness? Neither can we! This super adorable costume idea is perfect for your three member clan. It is random and easy but intensely cute. Let the mama be the glistening sunshine and dad be the soaking rain. Little toddler can spread brightness and positivity by being a colorful rainbow.

Creating something like this is going to be very memorable. Plus, you get bonus points because this idea is super photogenic.

11. The Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz is a classic option for family costumes. It is very common but evergreen, hence we had to include it in our list. Every character including Tin Man, Dorothy Gale, Wizard himself, Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion, Glinda, and Wicked Witch is timeless.

12. Scooby Doo Unit

Scooby Doo Unit

Kids in the family will love this one. Scooby Doo has been everyone’s favorite cartoon. Even today, kids love to watch it and surely the millennial generation has grown up watching this cartoon throughout their childhood.

Scooby and Shaggy are the funniest duo. Velma, Daphne are Fred are full of energy and adventure. Your family can portray and pull off the whole Mystery Incorporated for unlimited fun and excitement.

13. Jungle Safari

Jungle Safari

Here is another free style family costume idea. The Safari group is super easy and fun. Wearing Khakhi shirts and shorts with jute hats looks elaborate yet is simple to pull off. Gather some ropes and sticks and grab your camera, because we are going for a roaring Safari family trip!

14. Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Classic and evergreen, the Harry Potter series offers a clever idea for family costumes because of the wide variety of options. The movie is full of exotic characters. If you and your family are Harry Potter fans, you can all recreate your favorite characters as a family.

Magic will surely be in the air when your clan steps out with magic wands and black robes!

15. Peter Pan

Peter Pan

We are calling this idea the cleverest one. The Peter Pan movie stars the Darling Family which sorts out all the decisions for you. However, if you want to put in some extra effort and make it more exciting, the couple can dress up as Peter and Wendy and the kids can play Tinker Bell, John or Smee. 

16. The Addams Family

The Addams Family

Want to go spooky and mysterious? Here is the perfect idea for you! Gomez, Pugsley, Wednesday, Uncle Fester, and grandma have laid down character ideas for your whole family. If your family loves the abhorrent vibe of this show, then go for this creative option.

17. 80’s Rock Band

80’s Rock Band

80’s Punk Rock is amazingly popular. The vivid and prime rock bands from that era can be a very sharp-minded idea for this year’s Halloween. You can easily recreate the looks of your favorite rock bands from that time because going punk never hurts and is always FUN!

18. Star Wars

Star Wars

We are sure you saw this one coming. How can we forget, right? Star Wars undoubtedly makes a great family costume setting. Dress up as sensational characters from a galaxy far away and bag up all the praise and compliments!


We are sure that at least one of the cute and easy family costume ideas in this article has caught your eye. Coordinating with family on Halloween and cosplay events makes flaunting the characters easier. You can be around relevant supporting and main characters which increases your ability to perform. Especially when the people around you are your family, the excitement and fun is multiplied a hundred times.

What are you waiting for? Grab the things required and start making the costumes for your family. You and your folks are bound to be the center of attention this year and everyone will be awestruck with your idea and efforts!