Attack on Titans

Eren Jäger comes from Shiganshina, as do his best friend Armin Alert and his adopted sister Mikasa Ackermann. He lived with his parents, Grisha and Carla Jäger, just like all other survivors of mankind behind high walls. This was necessary to protect himself against the hostile outside world and especially against the Titans ruling within.

Even as a young boy, Eren dreamed of exploring the world behind the walls, and is very critical of the lifestyle locked behind high walls. He doesn’t want to accept the given circumstances without a fight and doesn’t think much of humanity, which accepts everything like cattle without questioning it.

One day, despite the protective walls, the Titans invade Shiganshina and his own mother is eaten by Titans before his eyes. The following night, his father injects him with a so-called Titan serum. This transforms him into a Titan himself and he eats his own father, giving him the power of two Titans. He becomes a so-called Titanic Shifter.

His memories of that terrible night are erased, he feels only the overpowering desire to kill all Titans. For this reason he joins the reconnaissance force. His best friend and adopted sister then do the same, and all three of them now fight against Titans to take control of their own destiny.

Personality of Eren Jäger

Personality of Eren Jäger

Eren found it difficult to make friends from childhood on. His father Grisha Jäger noticed this already. Eren had a tendency to be impulsive and stubborn. He was also constantly involved in street fights with all kinds of bullies. He was simply quarrelsome and fought persistently for his goals. On the positive side, he protected his friends with the same perseverance and was a loyal, faithful and unconditional friend.

In the 104th training session, to which he, his friend Armin and the adoptive sister Mikasa belong, his bellicosity and courage earned him the nickname “Shi ni isogi yarō”. This means translated as “someone who is in a hurry to die”.

All in all, he is a curious and freedom-loving young man who listens much more to his heart than to his mind.

His impatience and impetuosity quite often bring him into dangerous situations, from which his comrades then have to rescue him.

External appearance of Eren Jäger

appearance of Eren Jäger

The physique and size of Eren hunters are average. The face has an elongated shape. Its hair is approximately shoulder-long and falls down on both sides of the face separated by a parting. The hair color is brown and his large, expressive eyes are blue-green and rather round. The eye color clearly depends on the light conditions and changes accordingly. Because of the shape of his eyebrows he often looks a bit angry or at least unwilling and angry. His skin color is tanned and darker than the other characters.

His clothing at the beginning of the series is peasant and corresponds to the clothing of the other villagers in his district. The pants are brown and he wears a green shirt with a string on the collar. On top of it he puts on a brown vest.

As soon as Eren Hunter enters the military, he naturally wears the uniform of the reconnaissance troops. It is particularly characteristic that Eren always wears a key, which he received from his father, hanging on a string around his neck.

As soon as Eren turns into a Titan he is 15 meters tall. The ears are pointed and the hair is chin long. The mouth is strikingly large. Eren, as a Titan converter, is significantly taller than the other Titans. He is also much smarter. Another clear difference to his normal human appearance is that the eyes, formerly large and round, are now small and slit-shaped, almost like a reptile’s. Accordingly, they close from the side by reptile-like membranes. Also tongue, nose and ears are more prominent and the teeth are pointed and dangerous.

Abilities of Eren hunters

Abilities of Eren hunters

Eren hunter possesses enormous physical strength, of course especially in its titanium form. The hard training of the 104th unit is of course also helpful, especially with regard to the skills for close combat. As a Titan, his power is so enormous. That it is clearly superior even to an armored Titan.

Eren Hunter has 3D maneuvering equipment. However, at the beginning he can’t cope with it at all and is therefore much ridiculed by his comrades. His commander eventually becomes suspicious and cannot imagine that Eren is actually so clumsy in using the equipment. After a careful inspection, he promptly realizes that the equipment was defective and that Eren had so many problems because of it. This is where his above-average talent becomes really clear, because despite the damaged equipment he was still able to use it, even if badly, a normal person would probably not have been able to do so. With the correct equipment everyone can see how well he can actually move and maneuver with it.

As a Titan Shifter, Eren Hunter also has incredible self-healing powers. Should he be injured despite his fighting superiority, he can heal himself easily.

In the beginning, the transformation is quite difficult and he has to learn to control it completely. In general, he can only transform into his Titan form if he damages himself. He also has to have a real target in mind. The transformations are limited and cost him a lot of power. When he is exhausted, he loses control and his abilities decrease. In the worst case, he will collapse and have to wait a while before he can transform back into a Titan. If this important regeneration is not 100% connected yet. If he is able to transform anyway, he will be much smaller than normal.

Eren Hunter Cosplay Costume

Eren Hunter Cosplay

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