Coloured contact lenses are a really great accessory – for all kinds of purposes. Many people now even use them in everyday life to enhance and highlight their own eye colour. Of course, you don’t even change your eye colour in normal life. But it’s different at motto parties, carnival, Halloween, LARP and of course at cosplay. Here you can let your lust for crazy eye colours really run wild!

By the way, coloured contact lenses are available with and without prescription, because as already mentioned, in most cases the coloured lenses are not used for vision correction, but rather as a fashion and cosplay accessory.

Here we show you what different types of lenses are available and what you should generally pay attention to when wearing and caring for your contact lenses.

Fun contact lenses – coloured lenses with entertainment value

coloured lenses

First there are so-called fun contact lenses, which are more of a flashy party gag than a real cosplay accessory. These lenses have for example fun motifs, like smileys, lettering and patterns like crosshairs, and eye-catching (neon) colours. These colorful contact lenses are designed more for fun parties, carnival or festivals. They typically look very unnatural.

Cat’s eyes contact lenses

Cat's eyes contact lenses

These special contact lenses imitate the mysterious eyes of house cats and wild cats absolutely perfectly and you can really cause a stir with them. The cat eye lenses are available in many different colours.

Special lenses with uncanny effect

Similar to the Fun contact lenses and cat eye lenses, it is quite clear that you wear lenses. However, the effect is deceptively real and usually quite scary. For example, there are special lenses that simulate a bloodshot eye, zombie lenses, alien lenses and similar things. These kinds of lenses are clearly meant to be used for costumes for carnival, Halloween, LARP and cosplay.

Colored contact lenses with or without vision correction

Colored contact lenses

These types of lenses look natural and change the color of your eyes in a normal color spectrum. You can use them either in everyday life, when you would like to have a different eye colour, or for cosplay, where you want to represent someone who has a different eye colour than your own.

Cosplay contact lenses – handling tips

contact lenses - handling tips

Anyone who wears contact lenses for vision correction knows how important correct handling is. However, cosplay contact lenses are mostly used by people who have no experience with contact lenses. We would therefore like to give you a few important tips on the handling and care of contact lenses. Most contact lenses can be worn more than once and should never be thrown away after use. However, the right care is crucial here.

The eye is a very sensitive organ. Therefore, the first thing to do is to ensure that the contact lenses are handled and stored hygienically. Before touching the contact lenses to put them in the eye, it is therefore essential to wash your hands thoroughly. In addition to the hygienic aspects, this also ensures that no foreign bodies are introduced into the eye. Because these irritate the eye immensely. Likewise, sharp food residue, perfume or cream scents, greasy films from creams, etc. can be on the hands and thus get on the contact lens and into the eye – and that can burn like hell.

Get a special lens case to protect against bacteria. This also guarantees a safe transport of the contact lenses. To store the Cosplay contact lenses, they are placed in the container in saline solution – just like normal contact lenses for vision correction. It is essential to ensure that the lenses are sufficiently covered with liquid.

Remember also that the much cheaper Cosplay contact lenses should not be confused with real contact lenses for vision correction by the optician. Although high quality and comfortable to wear, they should never be left in the eye for more than 16 hours, unless the manufacturer gives instructions.

By the way, lenses with motifs should not be worn while driving a car, as the coloured areas on the lens can restrict the field of vision and thus the overall perception in traffic.

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