Worbla is available as plates or balls. Which option you choose depends on the kind of project you want to use the great material for. Especially great is that Worbla can be warmed up and formed again and again. On the one hand this makes later corrections possible, on the other hand it also makes it possible to completely reuse it in another project or costume.

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Also practical is that Worbla can be painted, varnished, sanded and filed without any problems.

In short: With Worbla you can make individual projects and create real unique pieces.

The Worbla is best heated with the help of a hot-air hairdryer. The thermoplastic material cools down completely within minutes and becomes solid again. Once it has cooled and hardened, it can be painted or varnished.

A further advantage, apart from the incredibly easy way of processing and the many additional possibilities, is that Worbla is free of harmful substances and contains no solvents. There are practically no residues left, as you can still make some small things out of it.

The possible uses of Worbla

uses of Worbla

The possible uses of Worbla are almost infinite. It is perfectly suited for any kind of creative project.

Cosplayers love to use the material to create imaginative armor. This is because the material has a comparatively low weight, but is still very robust. Since it can be shaped and corrected at will, the creative design possibilities are practically unlimited.

Worbla is also very suitable for LARP, especially Worbla’s Meshed Art is used here, as it is very durable and can be provided with rivets and eyelets without tearing out.

Worbla is also suitable for home use and for the production of decorative objects such as bowls, plates, modern art projects and similar.

Processing of Worbla

Processing of Worbla

If you want to make a cool Worbla armor, you should first cut out the desired elements from foam rubber. Then heat the Worbla on a baking tray with a hot-air hair dryer and place it on the cut foam rubber. Repeat this with the other side of the foam rubber and join the protruding edges together. The outer edges should be followed with a modelling tool so that everything is really straight and neat. Practically, the material sticks together automatically during this process. Protruding edges are cut off with the cutter and the great armor for Cosplay or LARP is ready.

Worbla variants

Worbla variants

Worbla is available in an incredible number of different colours and variations. Besides the classic, Worbla there are options that have a different structure, thickness or colour. So depending on the projects you want to do, you can stock up on the right Worbla. Here are a few of the most important variants:

  • Worbla’s Black Art

A black fine thermoplastic, melting point 80-90 degrees

  • Worbla’s Finest Art

A thermoplastic with many processing possibilities, ideal for cosplayers, colour brown, melting point 80-90 degrees

  • Worbla’s Pearly Art

A very fine white thermoplastic material, colour mother of pearl, melting point 80-90 degrees

  • Worbla’s Meshed Art

A thermoplastic material with fabric incorporated on one side, colour brown, extremely hard-wearing

  • Worbla’s Crystal Art

A very transparent mouldable thermoplastic granulate, for detail work, hardens flexibly

  • Worbla’s Deco Art

A mouldable thermoplastic granulate, hardens firmly, melting point 65 degrees

  • Worbla’s Transpa Art

A very thin transparent thermoplastic, melting point 120 Gard, becomes milky when kneaded

  • Worbla’s KobraCast Art

A versatile thermoplastic with textile fabric, can be sewn, stretchable, colour white, melting point 80-90 degrees

  • Worbla’s flameRed Art

Flame retardant, Fabre red, melting point 80-90 degrees

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With us you will find all possible Worbla variants at attractive prices. We wish you a lot of Spaβ while choosing and then in creative work!