Are you a budding cosplay enthusiast who wants to share their talent with the whole world? Social media is a great opportunity for artists to showcase their work – potentially on a global scale. Same goes for cosplay artists. One of the most ideal social media platforms for this purpose is Instagram. What better way to share your art than by posting pictures of it on the world’s biggest picture-based social media platform? In this article we shall talk about a few tips and strategies that will help you market your cosplay skills over Instagram.

If you are reading this article, you belong to one of the two categories: Either you have just made an Instagram page about cosplaying or have been at it for a while but are struggling to increase your followers. Whatever category you may belong to, this article will provide you with many helpful tips.

There are essentially two types of tips discussed in this article. Firstly, general marketing strategies that you can use as a cosplayer. Secondly, strategies based on understanding Instagram’s algorithm and using it to your advantage.

Produce Good Quality Content

Let’s start off with the most basic yet crucial suggestion. It is important to have good quality content on your page. You might be wondering – what does “good quality” mean exactly? It is not about one specific thing. By improving different aspects of your posts, you can enhance the overall quality of your content.
High Quality Pictures

High Quality Pictures

The most straightforward way of improving your content is to have better picture quality. This not only means having a good camera, but also having good lighting. Now you might be asking yourself whether you can afford the equipment for that. No need to worry! These days, smartphones have really good cameras. If people can shoot entire feature films on their iPhones, then you can definitely take high quality pictures of your cosplay.   Similarly, you do not have to invest in professional lighting equipment. Play around with natural light. For instance, shooting pictures during the “golden hours” can give you stunning results. Lastly, learn how to use softwares like Photoshop and Lightroom. You’ll be surprised at how much of a difference a little bit of touching up can make.
Take Action Photographs

Take Action Photographs

As a cosplayer, you can do much more than just take pretty pictures to improve your content quality. You need to differentiate yourself by doing something entertaining. Don’t just take a picture of yourself standing in front of a mirror in your costume. It is always a good idea to be doing something in your pictures. For instance, strike an iconic pose that the character you are cosplaying is famous for.
Emotionally Engaging Captions

Emotionally Engaging Captions

A big part of your Instagram content is the caption. A good caption can increase your likes and comments by a huge degree. If humor is your strong suit, then employ it in your captions. You can also share an interesting anecdote related to the cosplay design, or talk about the character if it holds some personal significance to you. Whatever you choose to do, keep the caption short and interesting.

Produce Varied Content

Don’t post the same content over and over again. If you do a new photoshoot, don’t post all the pictures at once. Save some for later use. Similarly, don’t repost your old content too often. This might lead to people getting bored of your posts.

Also, mix it up with photographs and videos. Don’t always post pictures. Suppose you are doing a Spiderman cosplay – if you are good at parkour, you can shoot a video of yourself doing some acrobatic Spiderman moves. The key is to differentiate yourself from others.

Another way to create varied, distinct content is to choose characters that are not overdone for your cosplay. Tap into some emerging trends that have not become overused yet. If you are going to attempt a traditional cosplay, put a unique twist on it. For instance, everyone knows Deadpool as a male character, but a female Deadpool is not something you see every day. Attract fans from different genres. Superheroes tend to be more mainstream. However, doing cosplay of a video game character, for instance, can help you gain fans from a niche sector. Anime cosplaying is another category that has a huge fanbase. Don’t hesitate from tapping into these different fandoms and diversifying your followers.

Use the Power of Hashtags

Use the Power of Hashtags

This is one of those tips where you use Instagram’s algorithm to your advantage. Hashtags are a way for users to help discover your content. Some people might have the notion that using too many hashtags seems desperate. That is not entirely correct. Hashtags explain the nature of your content. The more you have, the greater your chances of being discovered are. In fact, studies have shown that having 11+ hashtags maximizes your chances of attracting followers.

However, you do have to be smart while using your hashtags. Use terms that are popular, but not so popular that your content gets lost among countless other posts. Strike a balance.

Interact with Other Instagram Users

Your account does not exist in a bubble. You have to interact with the Instagram community if you wish to gain more followers. There are many ways in which this can be done.

Engage with Your Current Followers

Instagram promotes those posts that have a lot of activity. Even if you do not have many followers, if there is activity on your post, it will get pushed up in the searches. Comments are a great way to boost activity. You can respond to your followers’ comments. Furthermore, to encourage people to comment, you can ask them a question in your caption or do a giveaway.

Reach Out to Promoter Accounts

There are some Instagram accounts that do not produce their own content but rather feature the work of other artists. For instance, there is an Instagram page dedicated to DC Comics Cosplay. They feature impressive cosplays of different artists. It is a great idea to follow these accounts, comment on their posts and also message them about your own work.
Interact with Your Peers

Interact with Your Peers

You should also engage with the posts of other cosplayers, especially those with more followers than you. Don’t hesitate to collaborate with other artists and come up with creative ways of doing a group cosplay. That way you can engage each other’s fanbase and increase your followers. It is better to collaborate with artists with similar following before moving on to celebrity cosplayers.  

Be Strategic About Your Timing

Instagram analytics tells you when your followers are online. It shows you a graph of peak usage hours. Use that data to post when most of your fans are online. By doing this, you can engage the maximum numbers of followers and get a good amount of likes and comments. This will also ensure that your post lasts longer on people’s feeds.


With a combination of quality, distinctive content and a shrewd understanding of Instagram’s algorithm, you can become a celebrity cosplayer. The cardinal rule is to stay active. Post at least once a day and engage with as many people as you can, as creatively as you can.