Of course, many costumes also include a chic and matching pair of wings. Here you can be really creative and imaginative.

However, it is also important to pay attention to a good quality, so that you have something of the wings for a long time.

Cosplay wings

Especially wings with feathers, which look very impressive and real, should not leave the feathers too quickly. First of all, it is a pity if you stand there like a plucked chicken after a party or a Comic-Con and secondly, it is embarrassing if you drop feathers where you are standing.

The fixing of the wings is also important. First of all it should be safe and stable, secondly it should be comfortable to wear and thirdly it should be as unobtrusive as possible. After all, you want to make a natural impression with the wings. All too obviously attached fastenings take away some of the effect and professionalism of the cosplay costume.

Of course the wings are not only for cosplay, but also for carnival, halloween and theme parties.

Many options in the online shop

We have a lot of variations of wings. Popular are of course the classic angel wings in black and white – depending on whether the angel has fallen or not. But there are also effective angel wings in other colours.


The wings for fairy-tale fairies, butterflies and fantasy figures are certainly dreamlike – really every costume can be perfected with the high-quality wings.

Of course we also made animal wings, such as eagle wings, bird of paradise wings and much more.

Depending on the character, the wings are available in feathers, plush, fabric, transparent plastic, etc. – always perfectly matching the costume.