Many dog owners love to dress up their dogs for different occasions like carnival, Halloween, etc. This is especially true for cosplay fans, who love to dress their beloved dogs to match their own outfit. That’s why you can find special dog costumes for cosplayers and of course for Kawaii fans in our shop.

Dog costumes for every occasion

Dog costumes options

Apart from the classic occasions like carnival and Halloween, the real fans of costumes often don’t wait any longer and spice up the dog skilfully in between times. Especially popular is the lion’s mane, which looks really original, especially with Labradors and Golden Retrievers. Showing up at a fire brigade party with a dog dressed up as a Super Hero is also somehow stylish and original. Also popular are of course dog costumes that fit your own football team (or of course teams of other sports). Because many teams have mascots and maybe you will find a costume in the shop that fits.

Especially for breeds that need some protective clothing in cold and bad weather anyway, a dog costume from our shop is much more smart.

What should you pay attention to when buying?

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In general, there is nothing wrong with dressing up the dogs. However, the costume must be animal-friendly and give the dog freedom of movement. Of course, the costume must not restrict breathing or vision or stand in the way of natural digestive processes. It’s just a matter of principle that a true cosplay fanatic might be willing to wear a really uncomfortable costume if it’s just great enough. You shouldn’t ask this of the dog. Functionality and wearing comfort must therefore take precedence over appearance.

A very tight dog costume, which restricts the freedom of movement, can make correct body language impossible and can lead to misunderstandings, which in the worst case can lead to a fight between the dogs. By the way, the costume should also not prevent the dogs from sniffing each other.

The dog costumes we offer can all be used without hesitation. Of course there is also a difference, if you simply show up with the disguised dog as a gag at the barbecue and then free the dog from the costume relatively quickly, or if you want to leave the dog in the costume for a longer period of time,

In summary, it can be said that you have to pay attention to the following aspects of the dog costume:

  • Freedom of movement
  • Weight of the costume
  • Skin compatible material

What material should the costume be made of?

material & Size

Is it only to make a funny impression, or should the dog only be photographed quickly, the material and the weight is certainly not so important. If the dog has to walk around with it for a longer period of time, the material and the costume must not chafe and should be absolutely skin-friendly, especially with tendentially more sensitive dogs. Remember also that dogs cannot sweat and the costume should not be too warm – unless it is supposed to keep you warm – for example with a Chinese naked dog in winter.

Practical tips

Dog costumes

Make sure the dog is accustomed to wearing the costume in familiar surroundings, or even to wearing clothes at all. The dog can quickly feel insecure and uncomfortable outside the house if it is forced into a garment that is totally foreign to it.

With overanxious and nervous dogs, who cannot make friends with it, the fun dog costume should be completely renounced.

So, now you can browse the shop in peace and quiet and surely find a successful outfit for your four-legged friend – have fun!