Kawaii fans, cosplay fanatics and of course carnival fools and Halloween friends often look for matching elf ears and cat ears. And indeed, with these simple accessories you can create the most amazing costumes.

Latex ears: deceptively real transformations on movie level

elf ears and cat ears

Latex ears are the most professional version. Because these things really look deceptively real. No wonder they are so popular for LARP, cosplay, Halloween costumes or carnival. The great elf ears are simply applied to your own ear with a special skin glue and make-up is applied so that the transition is invisible.

The elven ears will then sit pretty tight and secure, so that some action is no problem – like dancing.

All in all a real special effect for your cosplay costume.

We offer several variations of the popular elf ears, so you will surely find something for your costume. A cool performance at the next event is therefore absolutely nothing in the way!

Cat ears – sweet and cute

cat ears

Cat ears are – just like rabbit ears, mouse ears and most other animal ears – available in the form of a hair band with corresponding ears. Another reliable form of attachment is not possible, because the ears are located on the top of the head and not on the sides as with the elven ears instead of the ears of their own.

The hair circlets are normally matched to the colour of the ears. Because the cat ears are available in different colours. Especially cute and sweet are of course the plush variants, but there are also cat ears made of other materials.

Some of the cat ears are kept as lifelike as possible, while others are clearly fantasy products. It always depends on what you need the cat ears for.