My Hero Academia is a popular manga and anime series that is all about the special superhero school. The manga, of which there is also an anime series, was first released in Japan in 2014.

Most people in the world are born with some kind of super powers. The powers can then be used for either good or evil, which is why there is a constant battle between superheroes and super villains.

Decu My Hero Academia

The heroes have special abilities, also called quirks. They are trained in special schools. Izuku Midoriya – who is typically called Deku – would love to be a superhero himself, but unfortunately he is one of the 20% of mankind born without special abilities (quirks). But when he protects another child from a villain because of his good heart, he meets the most famous of all superheroes, the strong All Might. This gives him his power, the so-called One for All Macke. Now Deku can finally fulfill his dream and go to the hero high school U.A. High School himself.

One for All Macke

One for All Macke

The One for All Macke has the special feature that it is passed on from one owner to another, almost like a torch from one runner to another. Apparently, there is an increase in strength and power, because every new owner is stronger than his predecessor. Deku is the ninth owner after All Might. The transfer is done by passing on DNA, which is why All Might gives Deku one of its hairs.

Another special feature is that One For All can only be passed on voluntarily. So it cannot be stolen or taken by force by a rogue or an ambitious person just like that.

One for All is the only Macke that can be successfully used against the Macke All for One, because it cannot be taken away by force.

By receiving the One for All Macke the appearance of the wearer changes. He gains body and especially muscle mass, becomes bigger, stronger, faster, etc. In the case of decu, the veins also become more prominent and his appearance is therefore less boyish and much more masculine.

Personality of Deku

Personality of Deku

Izuku alias Deku is originally a gentle boy, who is rather shy and reserved. This is because before he received the One for All Macke, he was one of the few people born without superpowers. He was therefore teased and mocked a lot, which made him very reserved and insecure. He simply lacked self-confidence. However, this did not prevent him from developing a very strong sense of justice and, in case of doubt, to defend others against injustice and danger. By the way, this was also the situation that helped him to achieve his superpower One for All. He defended another child from a villain and thus got to know All Might, who gave him the One for All Macke.

After Izuku was finally accepted at the U.A. High School, he quickly made new friends, as his character is friendly and helpful. As time went by, he became more and more self-confident and courageous and became a true leader.

Deku is a hard-working student who likes to learn quickly and with pleasure, as he has a high intelligence by nature. He often overcomes difficulties with his innate and further perfected intelligence rather than with the abilities of his quirk.

Over time he has developed a very strong analytical thinking and can develop complex strategies in seconds. He always conscientiously records his analyses and findings in notebooks, which he can then consult at any time.

His greatest wish and declared goal is to become a real superhero like his idol All Might himself.

During a fight, however, his more impetuous, impulsive and aggressive side often comes to the fore.

Decus Appearance

Decus Appearance

Deku is in principle a gentle and very nice boy, who attracts attention by his modesty, gentleness and sense of justice. After he got the One in All Macke, he is of course a bit more masculine, stronger and bigger.

He has a little confused and untidy green hair. Also his eyes are green, which makes his appearance very special and interesting. On his cheeks he has exactly four freckles each.

In his spare time he is dressed in normal, rather casual clothes, while at school he wears the typical uniform and during training he wears a blue and white tracksuit. His superhero costume is a turquoise overall with red shoes, red belt and pockets. The shoes have a special metal sole, which is supposed to support the new fighting style, the Shoot Style.

Decus skills at a glance

Decus skills at a glance

So that you can play Deku in your cosplay properly, here again all abilities at a glance:

  • High intelligence
    Deku stands out above all because of its great intelligence. He possesses a very analytical thinking, which allows him to work out complicated strategies and then execute them. Often his high intelligence is more decisive than the abilities of the One in All Macke in the fight against his opponents.
  • Great body strength
    Through the transfer of the One for All Macke and the subsequent training by All Might, Deku developed great body strength and lots of muscle mass.
  • Fast reflexes and high speed
    Deku also has incredibly fast reflexes and can run extremely fast. So he can react to different situations at lightning speed.
  • Very high tolerance for pain
    Very practical is also the very high pain tolerance of our hero. He can even continue to fight with broken fingers and arms and can therefore hardly be stopped.

Different options for your Deku My Hero Academia Cosplay costume

The Deku Cosplay is quite versatile, because YOU can choose different outfits.

On the one hand there is of course the emblematic school uniform of the U.A. High School. This consists of dark green pants, a grey jacket, white shirt and a wine-red tie.

Decus costume

Another option is the school’s tracksuit, which is blue and white.

AM most distinctive and therefore naturally most popular among My Hero Academia fans is the superhero outfit by Deku. This consists of a turquoise bodysuit, which has white details on the sleeves and collar. Belts, pockets and boots are red and therefore stand out effectively from the overall. Deku also wears a kind of gauntlets that protect shins, knees and part of the thigh.

No matter which outfit you choose, of course you need the hero’s characteristic green shaggy hair.

You can find all these costumes and accessories in the Online Cosplay Shop. Have fun creating and choosing your great My Hero Academia Cosplay costume!