The culture of cosplay has grown immensely worldwide to the point that many events are held in different places. People dress up as their favorite characters and show off their creativity and talents at these places. They might even make a few good friends in the process. These cosplayers get to be whatever they want using different objects such as wigs, weapons, makeup etc.

However, every event has its set of rules that must be followed by all participants and those visiting. One of them revolves around the type of weapons a cosplayer can use; this is to ensure the safety of others. When it comes to ComicCon, the organizers (MCM) are strict about their rules and the type of weapons used. Many times people get into an argument with the organizers over their guns. What they fail to realize is that it is in fact the management’s right to admit or reject any weapon they please. So if they say no, there is no need to get into a hassle. These are the rules and if you want to get in, you cannot do much except comply.

There have been times when the police had to intervene as the weapons that were brought along were considered too dangerous. Most of the banned items are there on the list because of unpleasant experiences. Not only do these weapons cause a hazard at the event, but they also scare others outside. Transporting them is considered to be unsafe as well. Instead of taking the risk of hiding and bringing in a banned item, you shouldn’t do it. Otherwise, you might have to deal with the police.

the police

What weapons can you take?

You will be pleased to know that you can still complete your outfit using the weapons that you had in mind even if they are banned. However, to use them, you need to make sure that they are made from sensible materials, including foam, cardboard and wood. A simple rule of thumb is to avoid any material that you know can pose a hazard to you or the people at the ComicCon.

There are size limits as well; the maximum size a weapon can be is 150cm. Other than that, if you need to use a staff or a rod-type of weapon, the allowed size is 180cm. If you have anything more significant than this, you need to make sure that it can be dismantled; you will be required to do so when you are in a crowded place and then put it back together when you enter the premises.

You can take a shield with you as long as its width and height is not more than one meter. If you plan on carrying a scythe, make sure that you can dismantle it into two pieces before entering. Swords made of aluminum that are retractable are allowed inside, but they need to be hollow inside and of light weight and with no sharp sides. If you have a foam weapon built around a core, it will be allowed as long as it does not pose any risk to others’ wellbeing. Lightsabers are easily permitted even if they have a metal hilt.

a metal hilt

Weapons banned from the ComicCon

  1. Real rifles, artillery, or guns
  2. Baseball bats made from metal
  3. Any explosive or flaming weapons
  4. Large gas canisters
  5. No lasers are allowed, even if they are a prop or an essential part of the costume
  6. Any variety of heavy paddles, clubs or bats (steel or wooden)
  7. No metal blades are allowed, even if they are blunt; this includes knives, swords and axes
  8. Bokken
  9. Anything that may have something sharp, like nails, protruding
  10. Crossbows or bows that work and have sharp arrows
  11. Any item that is forbidden, by the law of the country, to be carried by an individual.

You do not need to get upset about these banned items as you can easily buy some version of them inside the event. However, you need to make sure that you take it straight home and not show it off in public. However, you cannot bring these items back with yourself to the next ComicCon; you will have to buy an entirely new one. MCM usually posts a list of the banned items after the event so that people know what things are banned from display in public.

Essentials of traveling with your cosplay weapons

Walking around with weapons in your hand, be it real or a prop, can cause a lot of distress in public. Even though props may be permitted inside ComicCon, they are mostly not suitable to be carried outside. As such, it is best to contact your local authorities and ask if the item you have can pose a possible nuisance. Plus, that way, you will not have to risk being caught by the police or getting your weapons destroyed.

The bows and guns

To make your bow look realistic, you need to buy or make one that looks like it is already under tension as you are not allowed to use any real bows. The people at the event will make sure that the bow cannot be stung so that it can shoot an arrow of any sort. The only thing you are left with then is to use a fake one which sometimes doesn’t look too realistic. But since those are the rules, you can’t do much.

You can carry a gun to the ComicCon as long as it is fake in every way. They need to look fake as well; either they should be sci-fi ones you can buy online or at a costume store or children’s toy guns. It is not just the event that bans the use of realistic-looking guns; most countries do not allow it by law. You should not take any weapons made up of metal even if they are fake, but you can use ones with a brightly colored section. It allows people to acknowledge that the gun is not real, and when you are taking pictures, you can take the colourful part off. You can only carry foam darts with yourself; any other type of ammunition is not allowed.

is not allowed