Many of the greatest cosplay costumes can’t do without heavily modified eyebrows – think of Spock from the starship Enterprise, for example. That’s why we not only have great eyebrows for a huge number of cosplay costumes, but also the right material to cover your own eyebrows. Because it’s hard to shave them off.

Eyebrow plastic – wax preparation to cover eyebrows

Eyebrow plastic

With this product you can cover your own eyebrows and then glue or paint on artificial eyebrows.

First you knead the desired amount of the mass with your fingers on the ball of your hand softly. Then apply the mass with a spatula both against the direction of growth and then with the direction of growth on the eyebrows. Then brush the fingers with gel, vaseline or a cream. After everything is smoothed, a sealant is applied and then make-up is applied over the whole. And your own eyebrows are gone!

Great options on eyebrows

Great options on eyebrows

Eyebrows are available in all possible styles and for any costume that needs them. Especially high-quality eyebrows are even made of real hair. There are e.g. many very, very bushy variations, or variations in unusual colors.

With the really really shaggy and wild variants, you will look wonderfully neglected afterwards and you will hardly be recognizable. These eyebrows are especially good for werewolf costumes, animal people, backwoods and axe murderers.

wax preparation for eyebrows