Cosplay is getting popular. Cosplay originally comes from Japan and describes a fan practice that was also exported to the USA and Europe in the 1990s with the manga and anime boom. The idea is that the cosplay participant represents a character – from manga, anime, comic, film or video game – as realistically as possible through costume and behaviour.

The term cosplay combines the English terms costume and play (literally translated “costume game”).

Cosplay is played primarily for the fun of dressing up and re-enacting the film or comic heroes. But there are also competitions at conventions where you can win great prizes.

Game of Thrones Cosplay

Game of Thrones Cosplay

And of course the whole thing in Game of Thrones Fever has reached this fantasy series.

So there is now a wide range of great cosplay articles for Game of Thrones characters.

On the one hand you can find complete costumes for every Game of Thrones personality, no matter if human character or fantasy origin.

But if you want to spend less money, you can also get creative and make your own costume and complete it with great accessories, which you can also find en mass.

Game of Thrones Cosplay Costumes

Game of Thrones costume

The easiest way to do this, of course, is to buy the complete Game of Thrones Cosplay costume. There are numerous options for this. In the following we’ll get you in the mood a little bit…

Houses in Westeros are embroiled in a bitter struggle for the throne and an additional danger is looming in the north. You can choose your costume and – at least in cosplay – join in the battle. Whether you are a brave warrior for justice, a tough lord or a fantasy creature, there is something for everyone. Popular costumes are for men:

  • Jon Snow
  • Eddard Stark
  • Night King
  • White Walker
  • Wun Wun
  • Celtic Prince Ero

Of course, Game of Thrones costumes are no less popular with the ladies. Some want to pull the strings as an attractive and graceful princess in the background, others want to tame dragons and ascend the throne themselves. Common options are:

  • Celtic Princess Eistla
  • Lady Of The Thrones

Tips for the perfect Game of Thrones costume


If you don’t want to buy the costume finished and you like to be creative yourself, you can of course do so, because there are many great accessories with which you can create your own Game of Thrones costume. But there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • For a real warrior the right sword and shield should not be missing
  • What would the Northern Guardian be without his ring?
  • The matching wig must fit perfectly with real storm daughters
  • Winter is coming! – To most costumes original boots are simply added

Conquer the next party with your Game of Thrones costume!

Anyway, Game of Thrones Cosplay Costumes are a great thing, and you’re guaranteed to look great at the next convention, carnival, costume or Halloween party. Besides, honestly, who wouldn’t want to play medieval and dragon tamer themselves?