Latex Horns

Cosplay Horns

Latex horns are ideal for portraying special characters, some of which have very distinctive and unique horns. Without these impressive horns, the costume would certainly not be recognizable, or it would look amateurish and incomplete.

Because often enough a good LARP and fantasy make-up fails because of the special physical characteristic of the mythical creature or the legendary figure.

With latex horns you can imitate the professional make-up artists and create a really impressive cosplay costume.

The horns are usually glued on with a special skin glue and then adapted to the skin. Theatrical make-up or even normal make-up can help here.

After the event you can easily remove the horns and remove your make-up. In most cases the fancy horns can be used several times. Of course you should pay attention to the cleanliness.

Latex horns for different characters

horns for different characters

Of course we have a good selection of horns for your costumes – from all kinds of characters. Whether classic red devil horns, small black demon horns, horns of mythical creatures like Satyr or the Faun Maleficent, unicorn or pan – we have a lot of models and options for you.

Finally, you can represent your character effectively. The horns are very attractively priced and of the best quality.

Have fun choosing!