Cosplay Armor

Want to be an elf? Or a powerful warrior? Or maybe a fighter with magical powers? Now, whenever there is a Cosplay event, you get an opportunity to embrace whichever character you want. There are not only a thousand options but also a wholesome occasion to create a character of your imagination. Not every store provides the design you have in mind and not always do you have the budget required to buy a trendy and chic cosplay armor suit in time. This is where DIY costumes come in handy (because they are handmade – pun intended).

Cosplay armor costumes are not only cool and seem to be full of power but are also mostly available at high prices. It is always a wise decision to make something from scratch rather than buy it with the money you can spend somewhere worthwhile. DIY armor might cost you as low as 15$ while readymade cosplay armor can cost anywhere between 50$ to 1000$! Hence, the idea of making your own DIY armor seems all the more interesting and fun while managing your budget.

Make DIY Cosplay Armor

This is how you can make an awesome DIY cosplay armor at home:

Step 1: Make a template for your dIY Cosplay Armor

Make a template

There are many prints online that you may search for. Every character has an outline to their costume and you can either select the outline of a character from a game, anime cartoon or choose to draw something out of your own creative imagination. It is always fun to trace out certain details but make sure you draw it out on a simple white paper.

Now you need to trace out a chest pad, a helmet (if any), the arms along with the shoulder pads and pieces of armor for the legs. Do it all on different sheets of paper and label them.

Step 2: Attach a cardboard sheet or a chart paper on to your body

cardboard sheet on your body

This step is to ensure that your cosplay armor fits your body and height. By pinning a tough chart paper against your body, you can mark the measurements using a light pencil and then trace out the design from the small prototype on a bigger platform. For this, you need to roll the paper while measuring out your arms and legs and use the chart paper to cover your body as well.

This chart paper will serve as a rough draft of your final masterpiece, since it will be exactly your size.

Step 3: Draw the pieces you drew on a cardboard or poster board

You can easily pin the chart paper design on the cardboard/poster board and trace out the details. The main idea is to get accurate measurements on the main item. You can either place it on a friend or on something that is your size, like a tea table surface etc.

This is a general drawing. It does not have to be completely straight or curvy.

Step 4: Cut the cardboard/poster board

poster board

Using scissors, carefully cut the poster board along the lines you sketched making sure that each piece of armor is separated from the main board as per your arm/leg/body measurements. In other words, do not cut too much or too less. (You do not want to look like a skimpy warrior or a bulky princess of the warring tower!)

Step 5: Start tracing out the cardboard pieces on craft foam

Start tracing your diy cosplay armor

Now use your poster board as a tracing material on your craft foam and carefully trace the shapes with a pencil or a pen. When you are done, use a sharp pen knife or blade to slowly cut the foam. Make sure the edges are not wrinkly or pointy but neat and smooth.

Separate the armor pieces by either labeling them with their names or give them numbers, so that you don’t confuse an arm with a leg, or the chest pad with the helmet.

Step 6: Gathering your DIY pieces together

Gathering the pieces

You may either use hot glue or adhesive glue for this step. Attach the pieces that need to be joined, for example the shoulder pad with the arms or the chest pad to create a muscly look.

Make sure the glue sticks strongly (You don’t want to lose a piece of your cosplay armor while battling, do you?)

Step 7: Design and detail your Cosplay Armor

Design and detailing of your cosplay armor

Many Cosplay warriors and characters have designs all over their armor. Draw any designs you want to with a pencil first and then use colored markers to get the desired effect.  Make sure you don’t dent or bend the armor pieces.

Step 8: Heat the craft foam to shape Cosplay Armor

Heat the craft of your cosplay armor

Slowly heat up the craft foam using a hair blower or an iron till it is easy to shape and mold. Do not heat for too long (we don’t want you to scar yourself in reality)!

After this, shape the foam in whichever way you want while it is warm. If you make any mistake, heat the foam again till you reach your desired shape. You can also glue a fabric to the foam after it is shaped to make it more durable.

Step 9: Brand your armor with glue

Brand your armor

Use a mixture of water, fabric glue and liquid glue to brush a few coats over your armor to make sure it is perfectly sealed in the shape it has formed.

Step 10: Decorations!

DIY cosplay armor Decorations

Go ahead and color your armor with acrylic paints of any hue, and add jewels and beads with gel paint to reach the look you aimed for! This armor suit will look more original if you add dark shades to the corners to project shadows and corners.


Wasn’t this fun? Use these simple and cost-effective items to make the perfect cosplay armor suit at home and flaunt your sense of creativity!