Make your own Cosplay Boots
Make your own Cosplay Boots

Whenever you want to cosplay any character, there are many things that are needed – headwear, upper bodice, shoulder pads, other clothing items and finally the shoes/boots that go along with the whole costume. While some people can afford to buy a brand new pair of cosplay boots from the local cosplay store, sometimes budget or other considerations may not allow you to do that. In such a case, it is easy to make your own boots using household items. You can even update a pair of boots you might already have at home!

Whether you are cosplaying as the Avengers or other characters from a comic book, most of the costumes require boots to complete the whole look. However, there is nothing to worry about as there are just a few items you would need to make yourself the next Wonder Woman or the Syndrome! You just need to think out of the box.

Read on for a step-by-step guide to making your own boots or updating the boots you already have!

How to Make your own Cosplay Boots

For this purpose, you will need:

  • Costume Vinyl (Preferably white so that it can be customized later)
  • A normal shoe of your own size
  • Some elastic band
  • Hot glue
  • Color spray (matching your cosplay character’s boots)

Step 1: Cut the costume vinyl and sew Cosplay Boots

Fold the costume vinyl into two layers. Take a pair of scissors and cut it roughly in the shape of the boots you want to make. The length will depend on which character you chose as your cosplay persona. Do not make any tight cuttings yet. This is just for a rough measurement.

Sew the sides as shown in the picture to make sure that the measurement doesn’t come out wrong.

sew Cosplay boots

Step 2: Measure your own cosplay boots along your feet

Wear normal cosplay boots of yours and bring down the costume vinyl you cut over your feet. Turn the costume vinyl inside out. Slip it over your foot with your shoe on and adjust it so that the fabric is snug over the toe area.

Mark the measurements while making sure that the costume vinyl is perfectly fitted to your shoe and your legs. If the length of your cosplay character’s boots goes knee-high, then measure from your knees as well from a 3D angle. The picture shows the procedure clearly for your ease.

cosplay boots

Step 3: Cut off excess fabric

Carefully take off the shoe along with the costume vinyl, without disturbing the fitted labels. Sit down now as you have make some “cutting” decisions (because in DIY cosplay, you take risks with scissors all the time!)

Carefully cut off the excess fabric as shown in the image below. Do not make mistakes here. Cut along the sole of your shoes making sure that the shoe is not visible when the whole prop is placed vertically.   

excess fabric from your cosplay boots

This is how it should look.

Step 4: Fix the elastic bands

You can either staple the sides of the elastic band to the costume vinyl on the shoe’s sole or use hot glue to attach the bands onto the vinyl to make sure they stay in place. It is better to glue the fabric with the sides of the shoes too; however, it isn’t necessary as you might not want to ruin your shoes with it.

elastic bands on boots

Step 5: Roll the top edges and glue them up

Now roll the top edges of the vinyl up to an inch or two on both cosplay boots. This will not only make the whole prop stronger but also guarantee the boots to be of the same height and length.

glue your cosplay boots

Step 6: Final touches

Now that your DIY boots looks like this:

cosplay boots on Final touches

You can add colors, designs and stickers or spray color the boots you made with any color. These boots can be left as it is too, as they look exactly like the Syndrome’s boots!

Cosplay boot look

How to update boots you already have:

You will need:

  • Boots
  • Leather
  • Leather glue
  • De-glazer
  • Leather paints

Step 1: Choose boots

To make sure that your cosplay costume is similar to the real thing, you have to keep in mind the smaller details such as size and toe shape. You will need to update just the shaft and leave the foot the way it is, so choose your boots carefully.

How to Make your own Cosplay Boots

Step 2: Prepare the shafts

Carefully cut the shaft without going near the zipper area. The zip is important so do not cut it off. The pink strip shown in the picture below is a strip of leather that you will have to glue on the inside. This will help secure the new leg shaft. 

Make sure to glue the strip’s rough side to the boot’s rough side for better grip.

Prepare the shafts for cosplay boots

Step 3: Prepare the rough draft of the new shafts

Now, take a piece of Muslin and cut it in the shape of your cosplay boots character’s boots’ shaft shape. Tape it around the pink strip to see if it fits perfectly. Label the measurements and take it off the boot. This will help you trace out the actual design on a leather piece!

new shafts cosplay boots

Step 4: Leather time!

Now that you have a rough draft of the shaft, use the muslin cloth to trace out the design on a leather piece. Choose a color that matches you character’s boots so that if you paint it, it wouldn’t look worn out if the color gets spoilt.

Sew the sides using a sewing machine for precision and ease.

Leather for cosplay boots

Step 5: Glue the new shafts to make your own cosplay boots

Using leather glue, attach the new shafts carefully over the pink strips of leather. Very slowly stitch or glue in the zipper line to it on the inside.  This is how it will look after you have done so.

Glue the new shafts to the cosplay boots

Step 6: Now color, paint, decorate your cosplay boots!

De-glaze the boots and start coating paint on them in any color of your choice. You can use various leather paints and then end with a glossy finishing.

Now color, paint, decorate  to Make your own Cosplay Boots

Amazing right? Paint them red, white and blue to get Superwoman boots, golden and red for Wonder Woman. Make them completely white for Syndrome or single colors of red, green or blue for characters like The Iron Man and Captain America. There is no end to what you can make of these updated boots!


Cosplay is an amazing opportunity to embrace the personality of any character you want. The cosplay boots this article guided you to make will help you create something on your own using your sense of creativity and imagination. But not just that, making the boots yourself will also help you manage a cosplay costume within your budget!

These cosplay boots are easy to make with materials that you can get from any local store. All you need to do is to exercise your creative skills!

Happy cosplaying!