Got a cosplay convention to be at? Are you, at last, finding the opportunity to take on your preferred character’s appearance but having difficulty getting the exact look? With the readily accessible cosplay wigs nowadays How to Style a Cosplay Wig is glamming up couldn’t have been any simpler.

However, you might not have a lot of wigs and wearing the same style wig every time can be limiting and boring. It may restrict you to playing a similar character every time. But do remember that you have the choice to style it the way you desire. Styling a cosplay wig won’t damage it or shorten its lifetime as that is a common myth. If you’re doing it right, with the proper care it needs, you’ll be able to style it without trading off its life expectancy and quality.

Read on for a guide on how to style a cosplay wig and some tips you can consider for making various styles depending upon your outfits and the characters you play. The sky is the limit from there.

1.Refresh your wig

If you have been using your wig previously, it might have begun to look tangled and well worn. It can look old and can affect your cosplay look. To get back the best quality and look of the hairpiece, start with de-tangling the wig with your fingertips to get rid of any knots. Then brush your way up, beginning from the tips to the roots. At that point, wash your wig with shampoo and condition the hairpiece. When it’s done air drying, you can use a straightener on a low setting. This will resuscitate your cosplay hairpiece!

Refresh your wig

2.Style on a stable wig head

Getting a stable wig stand and a wig head is a great idea if you intend to do cosplay or any styling whatsoever. Trimming the wig on yourself can be a hassle, and it doesn’t yield precise results either. You can opt for foam heads, they are relatively inexpensive as compared to others.

However, in case your foam head turns out to be smaller in size, your wig might end up being over trimmed or tight when you style it. But nothing to worry about, it can be quickly fixed by paper stuffing under it to stretch it out in the backside. Getting a stable stand for the wig head is recommended to keep the head from toppling over while you’re styling it.

3.Pick up a cutting method

Cutting hair can be an intimidating task at first, but remember that it’s just a wig and any mistakes can be fixed. Move your scissors up and down to create a more natural look. Make sure not to cut all the hair at an equal length. A rough cut gives a more resembling look to the character you’re trying to imitate. You can also use a razor for a no-effort look by sliding it diagonally.

Use a proper, sharp blade for the perfect cut. If unsure, always leave it a bit longer so it can be trimmed off later on. Keep on practicing until you master it one day!

4.Hairspray – the Holy Grail


Everyone knows a good hairspray is an essential product to use when styling your hair. Hairspray sets the hair texture, holds it in place, and glues the hair together where you style it. Doing so, you can go about your day without worrying about messing your updo. To style your cosplay wig you don’t need to invest in an expensive product, any cheap hairspray for super strong hold will work. Try hair lacquers if available to you; they’re ultra-strong hairsprays.

Before using the hairspray to coat your hair, be mindful to spray it in layers not start a hairspray frenzy. Apply thin uniform layers on evenly sectioned hair to build up the volume. Use it sparingly while constantly moving the spray throughout the length of your hair. Brushing it out is always an option if you don’t like the hairstyle.

5.How to style cosplay wig on a moderate temperature

Never use high heat styling tools for your synthetic wigs. It will burn the plastic and ruin your hairpiece. See the wig’s packaging, it usually mentions the tolerable temperature. Generally, it’s in the range of 70 F TO 180 F.

Hairdryers can typically be used safely. If you plan on using a straightener instead, be sure to have swift movements as you run it through the hair to prevent the risk of burning the wig. Style the hot strand, and let it set until it cools to secure the style.

6.Imagine your look       

Create and imagine your look in your mind before going for wig shopping. Decide how thick or thin; how lengthy and what style do you want the wig to be. Since it is going to be the base of your look, take your time to get the right fit for yourself.

Distribute the style you desire into categories. Cutting your bangs, curling hair strands, or getting the wig into a high ponytail – tutorials for these techniques can be found easily. Look them up and do your research beforehand.

Get the hair sectioned for different categories (bangs, curls, spikes, etc.) Plan your strategy – see which areas you will focus on first and complete it accordingly. Everyone has a different approach to styling their wigs so discover what direction is the most productive for you!

7.Always secure

Imagine your look

This cannot be stressed enough. Always secure your wigs with bobby pins, unless you want them to fall over or become lopsided during a convention. If the back of your wig is heavy; as in the case of full ponytails, always use a pin or wig clips to keep it in place.

Put up your hair beneath the wig properly so it has a solid base to hold onto and where bobby pins can attach.



French braids look incredible on cosplay wigs. Side french braids or one braid on each side are ideal for cosplaying a more feminine and youthful character. Follow any french braiding tutorial from YouTube to make it properly. Adding shimmer or flowers is a great option as well to add that oomph factor.

9.Twin tails

If you’re going for a young girl look, twin tails, also known as pigtails, are a perfect choice. They give a refreshing and cheery look to the character. It is ideal if you’re creating fun and cute characters. You’ll see most people flaunting this hairstyle at your cosplay event; it’s a common choice.

10.cosplay wig Accessorizing your long hair

long hair

If you’re sporting a long hair wig, try curling the ends of the hair. Give your hair some volume on the top using the backcombing technique. Choose striking hair colour wigs for this style so it can act as an ideal base for your accessories. Accessorize it with a headband, cat ears, or even jewels if you’re feeling over the top. Wear it like a crown and have a great time cosplaying.