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Background of Harley Quinn:

Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel, famously known as Harley Quinn (pun: harlequin), made her first appearance in the Batman: The Animated Series episode of ‘Joker’s Favor’. Here she played the role of a funny counterpart to the Joker. Formerly Dr. Harleen Quinzel, Harley Quinn served at the Arkham Asylum as a psychiatric intern. She was an exceptional student throughout her life, consistently remaining a top-performer in college and later receiving a full-ride scholarship to Gotham City University. Working on the psychotic people at Arkham Asylum, she got particularly impressed by one of these psychotics.

Taking up the volunteer role of analyzing him, she took a 3-month permission from doctors before finally getting to do his treatment. In their one-to-one counselling sessions, she sympathized with him and it was not long before she passionately fell for him. This led her to make several attempts to help in his escapade from the asylum. On repeated occurrences of helping him escape from the asylum, the authorities notice her and place her in a cell after rescinding her license. Luckily, she flees in an earthquake occurrence and takes on the role of the Clown Princess of Crime.

Quinn does not have an ordinary relationship with the Joker. Her love for the Joker made her to adopt a new identity. The Joker displays two different behaviors towards her. On one hand, he tends to be manipulative and abuses her. On the other hand, he is a friendly person who shows genuine love and plays with her. Harley is the only woman who has gotten so close to Joker who uses her for his pleasures. However, it also results in Joker feeling confused and uneasy at this long-term relationship, so he decides to slash her out.

One time, to avoid her, he sent her away in a rocket so he doesn’t have to face her.  She is found by Poison Ivy in Robinson Park. After getting back to consciousness, Ivy has initial plans of killing her but Harley does not seem to be concerned when it comes to her own death. This makes Ivy curious and she wants to listen to Harley’s story. After hearing Harley’s side of the story, Ivy develops a soft corner for her and both end up becoming friends. After treating Quinn until her recovery, both of them form a team and Ivy is intent to take revenge on Harley’s behalf.

The important point about Harley’s recovery is that she not only regains her strength but tends to become stronger and faster than before. Poison is all set to make Harley win over the Joker and Batman. Harley seems to be angrier at the Joker than at Batman. She even forms an alliance with the Dark Knight to bring the Joker down (Clown Prince of Crime). The turning point comes when Harley attempts to kill the Joker but is unable to do so as he apologizes last minute. She forgives him and both fall in love again, making Quinn rise up to a better position later on.

She ends up becoming an entrepreneur and member of renowned teams such as the Suicide Squad, the Gotham City Sirens and many more. She also gains the status of one of the most famous villains of the DC Universe.

Interesting Cosplays for Harley Quinn:

1.   Classic Harley:

Harley Quinn has transformed over the years, appealing to the fans with her different costumes. Classic Harley is a cosplay that must not be missed out by her fans! The red-and-black color combination gives a classic touch to Harley’s bodysuit.

This role was originally cosplayed by Kayla Erin. It consists of a complete Harley look with blonde hair tied up in ponytails and pale white face makeup. The color of the gloves is also not consistent, making it a combination of red and black again. To add on, this cosplay also has the white bib and cuffs as are originally worn by Harley Quinn.

by Harley Quinn

2.   Arkham Knight Harley:

Arkham Knight is the fourth version of ‘Arkham Asylum’ game series. This video game has gained immense popularity over the years. The story in the game revolves around Batman’s efforts to stop Scarecrow from conquering Gotham City. Batman’s team members, such as Harley Quinn, appear in the middle of the story.

The Arkham gameshave given Harley a very different look as compared to her previous looks. The color of the costume is red and black but the material is synthetic this time rather than leather. There are also touches of white in Harley’s costume giving it a good look. To further enhance the whole look, Harley is also holding a baseball bat!

baseball bat

3.   Jester Harley:

No one could have ever imagined how much popularity and fame Quinn’s character would receive after her first debut. We already know what Harley’s style statement is: a red and black bodysuit and a jester cowl on top. Cosplayer Fra Gatsu has done an excellent remake of the character. The bodysuit and jester cowl match with one another. The jester cowl is made up of rubber and different acrylic paints are used to paint it. It makes an amazing cosplay for Harley’s original look.

original look

4.   Birds of Prey Harley:

Harley had a whole team of strong, clever women behind her, representing the iconic characters of DC universe. The Birds of Prey Harley has been played well by the cosplayer Sarina Rose. This cosplay has a ‘funky’ look to it. It reflects the original signature statement she made in the Suicide Squad. This look has Harley wearing a rainbow jacket, tattoos crafted to her legs and a lollipop in her hands. All in all, it represents a very confident and fun-loving Harley.

loving Harley

5.   Homemaker Harley:

While Harley and Joker never got a chance to make their own home, this cosplay is contrary to the original character of Harley. There was never a healthy, thriving relationship between Joker and Harley. However, the homemaker Harley reflects that one hidden side of Harley where she wishes for a perfect family.

perfect family