Originally the term mascot comes from the French. It is usually used to describe a lucky charm, doll or amulet for a group of people.


Typically the mascot is a stylized fantasy creature with human features. Very often comic figures serve here as a model or inspiration.

The advantage as a marketing instrument is that a mascot serves the identification of a brand, an event, a product, a company, a sports club, etc. in an excellent way.

By the way, the mascot can also be a real animal. A good example is Walrus Antje from NDR.

Mascot – a real cult in Japan

Mascot  in Japan

Mascots are especially popular in Japan – and it’s no wonder, because the characteristics of the mascots are fully in line with the Kawaii cult. Everything that is cute, childishly innocent and sweet is very trendy. So it is no wonder that there is a mascot for practically everything in Japan and that they are even used in offices and public authorities. In short: there is hardly any organization that does not have a mascot. By the way, in Japan these cute things are called yuru-kyara.

In the busy Tokyo area you can meet fluffy figures with childlike features, mostly chubby and fat and cuddly, on practically every street corner, in pedestrian zones, shopping malls, sports facilities and many other places. Accordingly, many passers-by shout Kawaii – “how cute!”

And indeed, mascots are an integral part of the Japanese Kawaii culture, which is now well known in our country. Mascots give some “comfort” and a few sweet moments to the stressed Japanese in today’s fast moving and merciless society of the country.

In Japan, the mascot cult has gone so far that for a few years now there have even been nationwide votes on the most popular mascot, the so-called Yuru Kyara Grand Prix, which are eagerly followed by almost all Japanese.

The mascot industry is so huge that two years ago, the Ministry of Finance actually launched a campaign to reduce the number of mascots and cut unnecessary spending.

However, the entire nation is now thinking about mascots, as a public competition has been launched to find the mascot for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

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Mascot  costumes

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