Gloves keep your hands nice and warm in winter, be it for everyday life, snowball fights or sports in cold temperatures.

In general, there are also many different materials and designs for gloves, some of them rather functional, others simply beautiful.

The latter is certainly the case with the cute paw gloves. This glove variant has – as the name clearly indicates – the shape of animal paws. Meanwhile, a huge spectrum of animal paws is available, from bunny, puppy and kitten, to the “wilder” bears, tiger, lion, etc. There is practically nothing that does not exist.

Different shapes and materials of paw gloves

materials of paw gloves

Even with paw gloves you will come across different options regarding the type/form. On the one hand there are mittens in the form of animal paws and paws and on the other hand there are finger gloves. Especially popular are also the variants that leave the fingers free. Because here you have the great animal paw effect without having to lose functionality. Because honestly, as long as your fingers are in thick gloves, you can’t use your mobile phone properly – and who wants to do without it today? So the fingerless paw gloves are quite practical, but you also have to be aware that they don’t keep you warm in really cold weather. So they are more a Kawaii fashion accessory or part of a cosplay costume.

You also come across different materials. In general, the typical Kawaii paw gloves are of course wonderfully plush and soft. But there are also paw gloves made of a thinner material. Especially if you still want to use your hands to some extent, even if you are stuck in cute animal paws, the materials are of course more practical. They are also used if the paw of the depicted animal is not shaggy and furry either.

Paw gloves as part of the cosplay or for carnival

paw gloves

First of all, there are of course paw gloves that are actually part of a costume, or at least suitable for it. These are made especially lifelike, because you really want to represent the animal. Often these paw gloves are also part of a set with ears and tail, e.g. of cat, mouse, tiger and bear costumes.

Many Kawaii fans simply take the paw gloves out of the costume and wear them in everyday life, because firstly they are a great accessory and secondly they keep their hands warm on cool days.

Paw gloves as part of the Kawaii outfit

paw gloves outfit

Of course there are also paw gloves, which are actually intended as funny gloves from the outset. Here the paw is often rather stylized and there are cat paw gloves in pink or pink, bear paw gloves in light blue and so on. As so often with Kawaii clothes, there are no limits to your fantasy.

Tips for the selection

Paw gloves are of course first and foremost a fun accessory and a matter of taste. However, before you buy them you should already think about the desired and probable use. If it is only a simple accessory that doesn’t have to fulfill any particular function, then you can choose pretty much any model. But if you want your hands to stay warm, you should choose gloves made of a suitable material. Fingerless options are great if you still want to operate a mobile phone or tablet. If you use the gloves for styling, you shouldn’t choose a too warm option, otherwise you won’t be able to use them for three quarters of the year because you’d simply sweat yourself to death. In short: it is worthwhile to have a few practical thoughts before buying. Because there are many great options, so everyone is guaranteed to find something suitable.

The fit is also important, by the way. Most models are a bit awkward anyway, so they should definitely fit. The animal paws are already quite noticeable and large. If you overestimate their size and choose them too much, you will soon look like a bad joke and not cute anymore. Many paw gloves are sold in one size. Here the material is elastic and adapts well to different hand sizes.

In our online shop you will find a nice selection of paw gloves – have fun choosing!