Cosplay is not a new term nowadays, almost everyone has experienced at least one cosplay show in their lives. For some, it’s just an entertainment, for others, it’s the art of driving a soul out of themselves – expressing their feelings and emotions through cosplay.

Frankly speaking, pulling off a successful cosplay demands a lot of investment. You need to prepare everything like the costumes, wigs, weapons and other accessories. The better you are prepared, the better your show will be.

Cosplay wigs are as essential as the rest of the cosplay costume. The wig is what makes you recognizable as the character you’re cosplaying. For example, what’s a princess without golden hair reaching down her length?

Usually, cosplay wigs are bought rather than being homemade, which is why one needs to know which wig is best suitable for purchase. This article intends to give you some tips for buying the right cosplay wig that matches your character and personality the most.

#1. Pay Attention to Quality

The first thing you need to do while buying a cosplay wig is to consider its quality. Is it high-quality? Or is it low-quality? Is it too expensive or too cheap? Does the price match the quality of the wig? Are you comfortable in spending so much money on a cosplay wig that you will use only for one night?

Of course, the quality has a strong relation with its price. If you intend to use a cosplay wig for just one night, consider buying a cheap one that will hold on tight for a night. But if you intend on using that wig many times in the future, a slightly expensive one won’t hurt as long as the quality is reliable.

#2. Know the Length and Style of your Character’s Hair

First judge what kind of hair the character you’re cosplaying has. If the character has a normal hairstyle with a normal look, then a standard wig with a little bit of styling should be good enough. If you’re going for a character that has mega spikes or peaked bangs, then buy a wig that has some extra length.

Character’s Hair

A pre-styled character wig can always be bought. But if you wish to style it yourself, get a longer wig that will have enough length even after cutting the excess while styling. If you’ve never done this before, go for a wig that’s slightly longer than needed and a bit bigger than your head to adjust with a wig cap.

#3. Compare the Color

 Be careful while purchasing a colored wig – you won’t always get what you asked for. The color appearing on your screen while browsing might be a different shade than the one your character has. First, make sure your display settings are on natural.

Compare the Color

Secondly, it’s better to buy a colored wig physically rather than online as you’ll surely have the right color that way. Take a picture as a reference. If not shopping at a store, consider the websites that offer user-submitted photos and reviews of wig products – that might help you choose the right color.

#4. Consider Heat Resistance

If you’re cosplaying a character having hair that requires styling like blow-drying, curling or straightening, buy a wig that can tolerate 150-180 degrees Celsius. If you don’t do that, the fibers of your wig will become all frizzy and smoldered.

#5. Wig Material Matters

Cosplay wigs are made of human hair, synthetic fiber or a blend of both. Kanekalon, a wig type made by Japanese, is chosen by many cosplayers because it offers a natural look no matter what the lighting is like. It can be easily styled or colored, and has the best price depending on the quality.

#6. Know Where to Shop

Shop where the colors are defined, available and delivered in the same shade. Shop where the cosplay wigs don’t cost you a whole fortune. Shop in the place the quality of which you trust. Mostly, it is recommended to buy a cosplay wig from Japan because of their high quality and experience of years.

Airily, Cospedia wig, Prisila, Swallowtail and many more popular Japanese wig stores are worth mentioning here. They provide cosplay wigs of every color and style for both males and females. For this, you can use proxy services from Japan that will deliver cosplay wigs along with styling accessories right to your doorstep.

#7. Check Reviews Before Buying

Before buying cosplay wigs, or anything for that matter, check the reviews of the place, whether you’re shopping online or from a local store. Ask friends who’ve shopped there before, check the customer reviews which describe whether a wig matches the character or not and check the number of buys that the wig has.

If still confused, take a risk by buying a cheap and light-colored cosplay wig. One, you won’t regret too much if the quality doesn’t turn out to be great. Two, a light-colored wig goes with almost every cosplay character.

#8. Thicker for Anime and Thinner for Live Action

For some reason, anime characters usually have hair with lots of volume, and their hair sits at one place without moving much. For instance, Disney princesses, Adventure Time, or Poppy cartoons, all have thick hair that can be styled as much as you like and still have strands of hair to spare.

Live Action

Live action figures have thin, natural looking hair sitting flat on their head. If you’re cosplaying a sci-fi or fantasy series, buy a wig with much less volume. Search pictures and the brands to check the quality.


Cosplay is an art of displaying your talent through many ways, be it by styling up your dresses or your hair. Cosplay wigs are what makes your character complete and prominent. As easy as it seems, choosing the right wig for your character requires lots of research and analysis. Hopefully, these tips will help you make the right choice.