No matter if Count Dracula or the modern colleagues from True Blood, The Vampire Diaries and Twilight, all of them have sharp vampire fangs to suck the blood out of their carotid arteries.

Therefore we have a large assortment of high quality vampire fangs in our Cosplay Online Shop.

Speaking of vampire fangs for children

Most vampire fangs are not suitable for small children, because, especially with professional vampire fangs, individual parts may be swallowed. Therefore, vampire fangs are not a toy for children, but an important make-up and disguise accessory for adults.

If you want to disguise a child as a vampire, you should definitely go back to the classic complete set of teeth for Dracula and Co. These are made of soft plastic and the upper and lower jaws are firmly connected. Accordingly, there are no small individual parts that could be swallowed.

Vampire fangs for successful Halloween make-up

Really real looking, professional vampire fangs for the theatre and film industry are of course made of porcelain or dental acrylic. They are therefore realistic looking vampire fangs or veneers, which are practically indistinguishable from real teeth due to their colour and texture. Of course, in this case the colour and length of the canines are perfectly matched to those of the person concerned.

This high-quality form of vampire fangs is now available to a wider audience, of course not as perfectly and individually made for an actor.

This type of vampire fangs are fixed in different ways.  For example, the sharp canine teeth are held in place by a two-component mass of silicone. Another possibility are small wax pellets which are heated. But don’t worry, all options are of course temporary and can easily be removed after the Motto- or Halloween party and the Cosplay Festival.

When should you not wear vampire fangs?

As already mentioned, the options of individual vampire fangs – i.e. not the complete combination of lower jaw and connected upper jaw – are unsuitable for children. Likewise, people who wear crowns, implants or braces should use the fancy vampire fangs for revival. It could happen that the vampire fangs become inseparably attached to the artificial denture or braces due to the luting materials used, and a dentist may be needed to remove them.

How to make your vampire make-up with vampire fangs

The best thing to do is to put the vampire fangs in first and make sure that they fit perfectly and securely. Next, you should make your face very pale. There is special theater or carnival make-up for this. The eyes look especially great if you highlight with dark eye shadow. Wonderful rings under the eyes make the make-up look especially scary. You should definitely use special blood gel to let blood flow out at the corners of the mouth or apply some blood to the chin and neck. You will look as if you have just had a refreshing snack.

Vampire Girls typically opt for a bright red, very sensual-looking lipstick.

Impressively realistic teeth Your perfect vampire costume in our online shop

Of course you will find a lot of deceptively real looking options for vampire fangs in our online shop. All of them are easy to insert and fix. With these professional vampire fangs you can create a really great costume for Halloween or Cosplay and perform on a whole new level of horror and creepiness! Of course you will also find the right make-up, contact lenses and other accessories to perfect your performance!

Have fun finding and assembling the perfect vampire disguise!