Every engagement ring is precious and romance is wrapped inside the jewels on each one. However, many girls have their eyes on vintage pieces. Vintage engagement rings are not only meaningful but also timeless. There is something very romantic about a piece that has a history of its own. It has been passed on through generations. It has seen the hustle bustle and true love of another era.

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Vintage rings are a remarkable portrayal of style and elegance. The time period each ring comes from adds a great deal of value to it. These rings are super intricate and showcase detailing worthy of attention.

worthy of attention

If you are one of those clueless guys whose partner secretly wants a vintage engagement ring, you have come to the right place. This article will give you complete advice on how to shop for an antique engagement ring.

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What is a Vintage Ring?

A vintage ring is a jewelry piece from a long time ago. It has antique style. It can either actually be from a historic era or can be a replica of a classic item. The variety differs from era to era.

The special engraving which gives these rings the vintage touch is called Milgrain. This feature involves tiny grain like intricate balls attached to the ring borders. Another kind of engraving is called Filigree. It is solely metal work which includes intricate twisted wires and beads. It is continued all the way to the crown of the ring where diamonds or certain stones are placed.

How to Buy the Perfect Vintage Engagement Ring?

Unless you have a family heirloom piece which has been passed on through the generations, getting your hands on an authentic and classic ring can be pretty daunting. You have to make sure that it is original and credible.

Start taking notes as we take you through step by step tips that you’ll have to follow when shopping for a vintage engagement ring.

Understand the Difference between Original and Costume Pieces

A lot of antique stores sell costume pieces. These rings are actually replicas of vintage rings. They are usually gold-, silver- or brass-plated to give them a more antique look. Costume vintage rings are a lot cheaper than actual vintage pieces. If you feel that you are getting an awesome bargain, you should think twice because it might be fake.

The Value of Vintage Rings

It true when they say Old is Gold. Same is the case with vintage rings. The older they are, the higher the value and the price.

Do your homework on diamonds and stones. Don’t make the most common mistake of getting wowed by contemporary replicated rings at Art Deco. Diamond is the best option for daily wear rings including engagement rings. Pearls, Emeralds or Opals are extremely pretty but too delicate to bear the daily wear and tear.

Setting a budget and style map in your mind is extremely helpful and we strongly recommend some studying and research before shopping.

Shop at Reliable Stores

It is important to choose credible places to buy a vintage ring from. The most important feature is the authenticity. Hence, buying from reliable vendors makes it better. Moreover, it is important to get the paperwork right. Original old pieces come with authenticity certificates. If you like a ring which doesn’t have one, we recommend getting it from GIA and HRD Lab.

Getting the ring (specially the diamond) assessed will give you satisfaction and also make the effort worth every penny.

Understand Different Vintage Styles

The options are endless when it comes to buying a vintage engagement ring. Scroll Motif, Bow Motif, Floral Motif, Leafy, Angular, Filigree, and Halo are some of the most popular choices.

most popular choices

Understanding your own or your partner’s preference is the key thing. If you have a certain design in mind, getting a similar piece becomes really easy. Otherwise, the stunning options will baffle you. Diamond and Sapphire Halos are very popular and timeless. Although the style is antique, it hasn’t lost its gorgeousness.

Intrinsic Values

The price of antique rings depend upon a number of factors like its condition, kind of embellishment, material, provenance and rarity. Provenance means the backstory of the ring. This factor adds great intrinsic value to the ring.

value to the ring

Vintage rings from Edwardian, Georgian or Victorian eras may cost more than those from other times.

Some More Tips

Have you made up your mind to buy a vintage ring for your partner? Well, we recommend that you keep these extra tips and tricks in your mind to have an extremely productive shopping experience.

shopping experience
  • Set a budget before stepping out. When you’ll be in a store checking out different vintage pieces, you’ll feel they are expensive. Paying thousands of bucks for a thirty years old piece sounds too much. Setting a budget beforehand can ease out your decision making process.
  • Make sure you really love vintage pieces. If you only like the antique style, you can get one recreated too!
  • You will have to be responsible about the historic jewelry. Owning and taking care of an old valuable item can be stressful sometimes. Losing or damaging it may make you feel distressed.
  • It is preferable to call out and visit certified vintage jewelers who can assess the ring.

Final Words

Vintage rings are valuable, classic and stunning. Getting one for yourself or your partner is a super wholesome experience. Right from the browsing to purchasing, the process is heartfelt. It’s because you are buying something with its own story. It is not only thoughtful decision, but also a beautiful statement to make. Ranging from basic jeweled designs to floral intricacies, each piece has a story to tell.