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Welcome dear cosplayers, dear costume sewers and character actors, dear nerds, geeks and otakus, dear fans of carnival and Halloween costumes, to Germany’s cosplay shop no. 1! Want to buy cosplays or Halloween costumes?
You’ve made it, you’ve arrived on CosplayHero, YOUR shop for cosplay costumes, disguises, merchandise, Halloween costumes, steampunk costumes, spiderman costume and kawaii fashion. With our premium cosplays, you’re guaranteed to get the best Instagram photos.

Looking for a shop for german cosplayers? Searching for disguises, costumes or just parts of them can be exhausting and frustrating – especially if you have to use several cosplay shops at once for ONE cosplay outfit. Here on CosplayHero, a German cosplay shop, we want to offer the best selection so you can conveniently buy all the cosplays your heart desires from just one place! From single items like cosplay wigs for the finishing touch to complete steampunk cosplay costumes or spiderman costumes or halloween costumes we want to offer you not only something but EVERYTHING! From A like Assassins Creed Cosplays to Z like Zelda Cosplays (or a Link Cosplay) you can really find everything here. The most diverse costumes from different brands. Buy Cosplay Costumes now in Germany’s Shop for Cosplayers.

What is cosplay actually?

So you want to be a cosplayer. It’s about portraying a character from the fields of gaming, film and television, anime and manga or similar. This of course includes the visual component, so the appearance including the complete clothing and styling for your cosplay costume. But also the character itself, so his behavior and his quirks to represent belongs to cosplaying. CosplayHero, Germany’s premium cosplay shop provides you with everything you need for cosplay costumes, so you can become a cosplayer!

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Halloween Costumes: From Assassin's Creed to Zelda

On CosplayHero you’ll find everything neatly pre-sorted to different franchises from A like Assassin’s Creed to Z like…okay we don’t have a category with Z, unless you count The Legend of Zelda. BUT we really do have it all, whether it’s helmets and masks, fan merchandise, shoes, or fully assembled cosplay costumes and outfits. We are fans of cosplay and want to infect you with our fire, so CosplayHero is a cosplay shop by fans for fans. Here you can buy the cosplays you always wanted to have.

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Anime Cosplays & Halloween Costumes in Replica Quality

You will definitely have a good experience with us, because we have not only paid attention to the low and fair price, but of course also to good quality in all our cosplays in the shop.
Only if you’re satisfied, we’ll be satisfied. Simply and conveniently search and buy cosplay costumes, pay safely and get your purchase delivered to your home without any hassle – that’s how it should be! Your cosplay costume is waiting for you!
And now have fun on CosplayHero, your new favorite store for cosplay costumes, disguises and fan merchandise. We look forward to your cosplay purchase with us!