Date A Live Cosplays are part of anime fashion. Fall in love and save the world, that is the motto of the popular harem anime, Date a Live. We start off with our protagonist, Itsuka Shido, a regular, kind, and warm-hearted high school student. His seemingly normal life turns upside down when he witnesses a “Spacequake,” a phenomenon unique to the fictional world.

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In the midst of the space quake, Itsuka encountered a girl in armor. Puzzled by the bizarre happenings, Itsuka soon finds out via his sister, Kotori, that the girl he saw was actually a spirit. These spirits are also responsible for the quakes. Itsuki further finds out that his sister is not as regular of a person. While Kotori appears to be a regular young girl, she is actually the commander of a force established to combat these spirits.

Kotori then asks Itsuka to help her with her mission of defeating the spirits, but he is supposed to do it in a different way. The spirits can be sealed with a “Kiss,” and as a spirit-sealer, it is the main protagonist’s task to make the spirits fall in love with him and then seal their powers. Thus starts Itsuka’s journey of wooing the spirits and sealing their powers to save the world. 

Date A Live Cosplay - Source Wiki
Date A Live – Source Wiki

This somewhat cliche harem has its emotional moments as well as some comedy and romance. Are you willing to give its cosplays a try? When it comes to animation and costume design, Date a Live features many beautiful outfits as well as cute character designs. With Date A Live’s 4th season around the corner, this series has again been getting more attention. While this show’s main genre is a harem, as a cosplayer, you can find tons of inspiration for dresses and outfit styles. 

If you want to get to know the characters, continue forth as we share our picks for characters with the most stunning outfits. 

Characters you can cosplay:

1. Itsuka Shido – Date A Live Cosplay

Shido is our main male protagonist thrown into the world of fantasy spirits. He finds out that he possesses a power allowing him to seal spirit powers with a kiss. He is a young boy of average height. Shido is shown to be a handsome high school student with dark-blue hair and light brown eyes in the anime. His eyes glow golden when he is using or absorbing his spiritual powers. 

When it comes to his outfits, we mostly see him wearing his school uniform consisting of a white shirt, a blue patterned tie, grey pants, black dress shoes, and a black blazer with the school’s monogram. 

At some point in the series, Itsuka dresses up as a girl for an undercover task. When dressed as a girl, he has long hair and the female uniform for Raizen students. He also wears a hair accessory to appear more girly. As a cosplayer, you can choose whichever outfit of his you like the most. For the uniform look, consider something that fits you nicely. Add some blue to the hair, and for the eyes, you can use colored lenses. As his character design is a simple one, you can find his costume and accessories with ease.  

2. Tohka Yatogami – Date A Live Cosplay

Tohka is one of the first spirits introduced to us, also being the first one that Shido saves. She has the appearance of a girl with long purplish-black hair and bluish eyes. As a student at Raizen academy, she wears the female student uniform. When using her spirit powers, she can have multiple forms depending on her active personality. Tohka has two personalities, Tohka and Tenka. Her active form is mostly Tohka; however, she also has an inverse form with an entirely different personality. 

In Date A Live, each female spirit has an Astral Dress which is basically their spirit form with full powers. Based on their moods, the spirit may have its normal or inverse astral form. Both forms are somewhat similar, but the color schemes are altered. In the case of Tohka’s astral dress, it is a pretty dress reaching below her knees with the fabrics and armor designed in pink, purple, and black colors. She has armor plating on her sleeves, shoulders, and legs. The two-layered skirt also has an armor piece around the waist. 

This outfit is very detailed and even includes hair accessories and color gradients. In her inverse spirit form, most of Tohka’s colors get inverted. This includes the gradient of her hair, eyes, and dress. Depending on your favorite color scheme, you can choose from both forms and see which fits you best. 

Lastly, Tohka also has a fusion form which is a mix of both Tohka and Tenka’s astral dresses. These three looks along with the school uniform, give you four outfit options for Tohka Yatogami alone.

3. Itsuka Kotori – Date A Live Cosplay

She has long light red colored hair styled in two high ponytails. She is Shido’s adoptive younger sister and a former spirit. Despite the fact that she is his younger sister, as she is the commander of Franxis, sometimes, she treats him like an underling. At school, Kotori is dressed as a middle school student with her hair in twin tails, a white shirt, a black tie, and a skirt with long stockings. 

For reasons unknown, Kotori has three personalities, and her two “human” persona’s can be identified by looking at the ribbons in her hair. When she is wearing black ribbons, it means that she is currently the commander Kotori. The white ribbon depicts the younger sister Kotori. Being a former spirit, she also has an astral dress that is inspired by the traditional Japanese kimono.

4. Origami Tobiichi – Date A Live Cosplay

Origami Tobiichi is one of the main female spirits in the series. She has short light-bluish white hair with short bangs covering her forehead. She also wears three pins on the right side of her hair. Her regular outfit consists of a white and grey shirt with a black collar and a blue mini skirt. Her AST form is suited for combat and is designed with mobility in mind. 

Due to her small stature and a rather expressionless face, she is often compared to a doll. When it comes to her Astral dress, she has a beautiful light bluish-white dress with golden accessories. The dress symbolizes her angelic beauty and her dress as a bride, as it was her childhood dream. When in her inverse form, her color scheme gets inverted to a darker blue which is more fitting to be called a mourning dress. 

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When at high school, Origami wears the standard female student uniform. Her hair was initially much longer, so if you want to go for a long hair look with her outfit, you can choose her pre-sealed era and go for it. 

5. Mio Takamiya – Date A Live Cosplay

Initially appearing in the manga as a mysterious character, Takamiya Mio is rumored to be the creator or origin of many of the spirits. She also has a connection with Itsuka Shido. When it comes to her appearance, Mio has the ability to transform, which is why we cannot be sure of what she actually looks like. 

Her astral dress is said to resemble the northern lights. It also has elaborate flower decorations all over. Her headdress also has flowers and flows backward. Mio does not have an inverse form. As a spirit, she smiles happily and feels very pure. If you are going for a mystery and soft, fairy-like appearance, Takamiya Mio is an excellent cosplay option. 

6. Yoshino Himekawa – Date A Live Cosplay

Yoshino is the second spirit saved by Shido. She has a very young physical appearance despite being over 40 years old. Due to her misleading appearance, Shido mistook her for a lost girl. As a sealed spirit, Yoshino has curly blue hair and similar colored eyes with a fading lighter gradient. 

In her casual outfit, Yoshino is often seen carrying a puppet which she calls Yoshinon. In her spirit form, she wears a short, white dress, similar to her casual one, with an oversized green hoodie. Her puppet remains the same. In her inverse form, however, she gets a more sinister appearance with a dark-blue and black scheme and a revealing outfit with a bunny hoodie. Her hair also turns white, and she wears a black eye patch on her right eye while her left eye glows red. The creepiness of her look almost rivals Kurumi’s inverse form. 

If she is the type of character you like, then consider giving her cosplay a shot. You can also create your own version of Yoshino by using a sundress, an oversized hoodie, and a bunny puppet.

7. Kurumi Tokisaki – Date A Live Cosplay

Date A Live Cosplay – Kurumi

Kurumi is one of the main female characters in the story. She is a mysterious, charismatic individual with long black hair that is loosely tied in a side ponytail. She also has long bangs that cover her left eye. Kurumi’s astral dress gives her a gothic vibe with vibrant red and black. It also has many black outlines and ribbons. 

The dress has a long skirt with ruffles and a red-to-orange gradient. When in her astral form, her other eye is also revealed, which is usually hidden behind her hair. Her left eye looks like a golden clock. Her astral hairstyle consists of two uneven ponytails to symbolize a clock. 

Due to her cute appearance and polite manners, she is a very popular cosplay choice for many anime enjoyers. When unleashing her full powers, Kurumi can appear to be a little crazy with a creepy smile, so you also get to see her with a different personality.  

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8. Yamai Kazamachi – Date A Live Cosplay

Yamai Kazamachi was the fifth spirit to appear in Itsuka’s world. It is speculated that her coming into the human world was partially disrupted because something went wrong, and her body and mind split into two separate beings. This is part of the reason why the Yamai “sisters” are such an interesting character. Because they were originally the same person, Yamai, now known as Kaguya and Yuzuru, look exactly alike. They both have orangish-blonde hair tied up in a bun with two hair strands in curls appearing in the front. Their foreheads are covered by short bangs. 

In the series, we mostly see Kaguya and Yuzuru wearing a school uniform, including a white shirt, a red tie tied like a loose bow, a light brown sweater, and a blue skirt. When it comes to Yamai’s spirit form, it is a quite revealing dress with a top designed with multiple straps. The overall color scheme is dark purple. The two twins also have their own differences in personality. 

9. Miku Izayoi – Date A Live Cosplay

Miku Izayoi is a beautiful girl with lavender blue hair that is usually tied up in a ponytail. In her civilian form, she wears a purple dress with a pink blazer on the top. She was originally a human and gained spirit powers. Due to her harsh past, Miku is bitter towards men and treats women with almost the same level of disdain. She eventually changes after meeting Shido.

Her astral dress consists of a beautiful yellow and blue dress with white ruffles. She also wears moon-inspired jewelry. As she is an idol, she takes extra care of her skin and makes sure to always stay in shape. 

With this, our list comes to an end; however, we have a few honorable mentions. Natsumi Kyuouno, Nia Honjou, and Hoshimiya Mukuro are also spirits that are eventually saved by Shido, each having an equally stunning astral form. Lastly, we have Murasame Reine, one of the original spirits having a connection with Mio.

If you have decided on what character you want to cosplay, let us move towards some final tips.

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