Ken Kaneki Cosplay, Juuzou Suzuya Cosplay

The anime series is based on the 2011 manga of the same name by Sui Ishida, which appeared in Weekly Young Jump magazine until 2014. The anime of the same name aired in Japan on the Tokyo MX channel.

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The plot of Tokyo Ghoul

The series was collected into 14 anthologies and in Germany the first volume of the series was released in May 2014. The last volume came out on July 7, 2016. The sequel, called Tokyo Ghoul:re, will also gradually be available in German, Austrian and Swiss bookstores.


In Tokyo there is a series of strange murders, which are attributed by the police to the so-called ghouls (also Ghoule) by certain clues at the crime scene. The two friends Kaneki and Hide, who know each other from college, come up with the idea that ghouls resemble humans and therefore they usually don’t stand out and can move undisturbed among the population.

So the manga is mostly about Ken Kaneki surviving a deadly encounter with Liz Kamishiro. You see, Liz is one of the unidentified Ghoula herself. A human-like creature, she hunts and eats humans to ensure her survival. Ken arrives at the hospital after the failed attack and is immediately operated on. In this organ transplant, Ken organs were transferred from Liz. As a result, he first finds that normal food gives him …you can’t taste it anymore. Slowly he realizes that by transplanting some organs he has become a half-being – half ghoul, half human. From this point on, Ken has no one and is eventually taken in by a ghoul group called Antik, who take care of him, especially in terms of obtaining human flesh.

A ghoul (literally translated roughly as eater-species) is a carnivorous and cannibalistic species that can only eat human flesh or the flesh of other ghouls. From the appearance they hardly differ from humans and are also about the same intelligence. However, their mentality is different. As for biology, ghouls could also reproduce with humans under certain circumstances. By the way, this offspring is one-eyed. Another option, as was done with Ken, is a cell storage transplant. That’s why Ken is one-eyed after his transformation into a half ghoul and since then wears a distinctive face mask with eye patch, which of course must not be missing from a cosplay outfit.

The most important characters for Tokyo Ghoul Cosplays

Of the numerous characters in the manga, the following characters are especially popular for a Tokyo Ghoul cosplay, carnival and Halloween:

  • Ken Kaneki Cosplay
    He is, as already explained, the main protagonist of the series. He used to be a person with a normal life himself. For example, he studied Japanese literature at Kamii University. Everything changes abruptly when, after an unsuccessful attack by the ghoula Liz, he accidentally gets her cell memory transplanted and from then on is a one-eyed ghoul himself.
  • Liz Kamishiro Cosplay
    She is a Ghoula who escaped from Organization V and was subsequently raised by Matasaka Kamishiro, as his foster child. It has a conspicuous feeding behaviour and is also a donor of cell stores. Thus, she turned not only Ken Kaneki, but also Kurona, Nashiro Yasuhisa, Kichimura Washu, and Oggai into one-eyed ghouls.
  • Touka Kirishima Cosplay
    Touka is a ghoula and former waitress at the Antique Cafe, where Ken Kaneki later works. While she is hunting, she wears a distinctive mask depicting a rabbit. This earned her the nickname The Rabbit or Rabitto. In Tokyo Ghoul, she attended the second level of Kiyomi High School. After the time jump in Tokyo Ghoul :re, she is the manager of the cafe.
  • Juzo Suzuya Cosplay
    He is a First Investigator of the CCG and formerly lives under the name Rei Suzuya. At first he worked together with his first partner Yukinori Shinohara, but then became the leader of Team Suzuya. He was raised by a ghoula as a butcher.

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