What is Haganai anime?

Haganai, also known as Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, is a Japanese light novel series written by Yomi Hirasaka and illustrated by Buriki. It was first published in August 2009 and has since been adapted into various forms of media, including manga, anime, and video games. The story follows the protagonist Kodaka Hasegawa, a transfer student who has trouble making friends due to his blonde hair and delinquent appearance. He eventually meets a girl named Yozora Mikazuki who shares similar struggles with making friends. Together they form the Neighbor’s Club with the goal of making new friends.

Meet the main characters of Haganai anime

Kodaka Hasegawa: The protagonist of the series who has trouble making friends due to his appearance.

Yozora Mikazuki: A girl who also struggles with making friends and helps Kodaka start the Neighbor’s Club.

Sena Kashiwazaki: A popular girl in school who joins the Neighbor’s Club to improve her social skills.

Yukimura Kusunoki: A boy who admires Kodaka and joins the Neighbor’s Club to become more manly.

Rika Shiguma: A genius inventor who joins the Neighbor’s Club for research purposes.

Discover the plot of Haganai anime

The plot of Haganai revolves around Kodaka Hasegawa, a transfer student at St. Chronica’s Academy. Due to his blonde hair and delinquent appearance, he has trouble making friends and is often mistaken for a thug. One day he meets Yozora Mikazuki, another student who also struggles with making friends. Together they decide to start the Neighbor’s Club, a club for students who have trouble socializing and making friends.

Throughout the series, Kodaka and Yozora recruit other members to join the Neighbor’s Club, including popular girl Sena Kashiwazaki, boy Yukimura Kusunoki, and genius inventor Rika Shiguma. Together they participate in various activities and events to improve their social skills and build friendships.

The series explores themes of friendship, self-acceptance, and overcoming social anxiety. It also features comedic moments and romantic subplots between the characters.

The popularity of cosplaying as characters from Haganai anime

Haganai has gained a significant following in the cosplay community since its release. Many fans enjoy dressing up as their favorite characters from the series at conventions and events. The popularity of Haganai cosplay can be attributed to the unique character designs and relatable personalities of each character.

One of the most popular characters to cosplay as is Yozora Mikazuki due to her distinct hairstyle and school uniform outfit. Other popular characters include Sena Kashiwazaki for her pink hair and fashionable outfits, and Rika Shiguma for her lab coat attire.

Cosplaying as a character from Haganai allows fans to embody their favorite personalities from the series and connect with other fans who share similar interests.

When was the first episode of Haganai anime released?

The first episode of Haganai anime was released on October 7th, 2011 in Japan. It was produced by animation studio AIC Build and directed by Hisashi Saito. The series ran for two seasons with a total of 25 episodes.

Learn about the creators behind the characters in Haganai anime

Yomi Hirasaka is the author of the Haganai light novel series. He has also written other popular light novels such as Sister Princess and Imouto Sae Ireba Ii.

Buriki is the illustrator for the Haganai light novel series. He is known for his unique character designs and has also worked on other anime series such as GJ Club and Ground Control to Psychoelectric Girl.

The anime adaptation of Haganai was produced by animation studio AIC Build, which has also worked on other popular anime series such as Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai and Date A Live.

How many seasons does Haganai anime have?

Haganai anime has two seasons with a total of 25 episodes. The first season aired in 2011 and the second season aired in 2013. There has been no news of a third season being produced.

The most popular character to cosplay as in Haganai anime is Yozora Mikazuki. She is known for her distinct hairstyle and school uniform outfit, which makes her easy to recognize at conventions and events. Many fans enjoy cosplaying as Yozora because she is a relatable character who struggles with making friends and social anxiety.

Common props used in Haganai anime cosplays

Some common props used in Haganai anime cosplays include:

– School bags: Many of the characters carry school bags that are personalized with their names or favorite designs.

– Lab coats: Rika Shiguma wears a lab coat as part of her inventor persona, making it a popular prop for cosplayers.

– Plushies: Sena Kashiwazaki is often seen carrying plushies of her favorite anime characters, making them a popular accessory for cosplayers.

– Wigs: Due to the unique hairstyles of each character, wigs are often used to achieve their distinct looks.

The accuracy of cosplayers portraying characters from Haganai anime

The accuracy of cosplayers portraying characters from Haganai anime can vary depending on the individual’s skills and resources. However, many cosplayers strive to create accurate and detailed costumes to fully embody their favorite characters.

Some tips for achieving accuracy in Haganai cosplay include:

– Researching the character’s outfit and accessories in detail.

– Using high-quality materials and fabrics to create a realistic look.

– Paying attention to small details such as jewelry or hair accessories.

Overall, the accuracy of Haganai cosplay can greatly enhance the fan experience at conventions and events.

Haganai anime cosplay events and conventions to attend

There are many events and conventions that cater specifically to cosplay fans of Haganai anime. Some popular ones include:

– Anime Expo: This annual convention held in Los Angeles, California features a large cosplay community with many Haganai fans attending.

– Comiket: Held twice a year in Tokyo, Japan, Comiket is one of the largest doujinshi (self-published works) events in the world. Many Haganai cosplayers attend this event to showcase their costumes and meet other fans.

– Cosplay Mania: This event held annually in Manila, Philippines features a large cosplay competition where many Haganai cosplayers have won awards for their costumes.

Hear what voice actors and creators think about the popularity of Haganai cosplay community

Voice actors who have worked on the English dub version of Haganai have expressed their admiration for the series’ cosplay community. Some have even attended conventions and events to meet with fans and see their costumes in person.

Yomi Hirasaka, the author of the Haganai light novel series, has also expressed his appreciation for the cosplay community. He believes that cosplaying allows fans to fully immerse themselves in the world of Haganai and connect with other fans who share similar interests.

Dedicated online forums for sharing tips on creating a perfect Haganai cosplay

There are many online forums and communities dedicated to helping cosplayers create the perfect Haganai costume. These forums often feature tutorials, tips, and advice from experienced cosplayers on how to achieve accuracy and realism in your costume.

Some popular online forums for Haganai cosplay include:

– Cosplay.com: This website features a large community of cosplayers who share tips and advice on creating accurate costumes.

– Reddit: The r/cosplay subreddit features many threads dedicated specifically to Haganai cosplay.

– Facebook groups: There are many Facebook groups dedicated to Haganai cosplay where members can share photos, ask for advice, and connect with other fans.

The challenges that come with creating a costume based on a character from Haganai anime

Creating a costume based on a character from Haganai anime can be challenging due to the unique hairstyles, outfits, and accessories of each character. Some common challenges include:

– Finding high-quality materials that accurately replicate the character’s outfit.

– Styling wigs to match the character’s hairstyle.

– Creating or finding accurate props such as school bags or lab coats.

Despite these challenges, many cosplayers enjoy the process of creating their own costumes and take pride in achieving accuracy in their portrayal of their favorite characters.

The impact of cosplay on the fanbase and success of Haganai anime

Cosplay has had a significant impact on the fanbase and success of Haganai anime. The popularity of cosplay has helped to spread awareness of the series to new audiences and has created a sense of community among fans.

By cosplaying as their favorite characters, fans are able to connect with other fans who share similar interests and create lasting friendships. Cosplay also allows fans to fully immerse themselves in the world of Haganai and feel like they are a part of the Neighbor’s Club.

Overall, cosplay has played an important role in the success of Haganai anime and will continue to be a beloved aspect of the fandom for years to come.

In conclusion, Haganai anime cosplay is a fun and exciting way to bring your favorite characters to life. Whether you’re attending a convention or just looking for a new hobby, cosplay is a great way to express your creativity and show off your love for the series. If you’re interested in getting started with Haganai cosplay, be sure to check out our selection of high-quality products. We have everything you need to create the perfect costume, from wigs and accessories to full outfits and props. So why wait? Get in touch with us today and start your cosplay journey!


Is Haganai 18 anime?

Parents should be aware that Haganai, an anime about high school students, contains explicit sexual content and strong language, making it unsuitable for most teenagers.

Does Haganai have a season 2?

You have the option to stream, rent, or purchase “Haganai: I Don’t Have Many Friends – Season 2” on various platforms such as Apple TV and Vudu through a download.

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Does Crunchyroll have Haganai?

You can watch the English dubbed version of Haganai, titled “Underclassmen Don’t Hold Back,” on the streaming platform Crunchyroll. This episode was made available on June 7th, 2022.

Is Haganai season 2 good?

If you enjoyed the comedic elements of the first series, then Haganai NEXT is a satisfying continuation. However, in terms of advancing the storyline that was skillfully developed in the first season, Haganai NEXT falls short.

Is Haganai kid friendly?

This show is intended for a mature audience and contains adult content. It is rated for viewers who are 16 years or older and may include ecchi elements.

Is anime inappropriate for 10 year olds?

Anime often portrays violent scenes, death, and even nudity. One notable difference between Japanese culture and our own is their openness to discussing death, which is present at all age levels. Japanese animation does not hesitate to depict characters dying, sometimes in graphic and distressing ways, even in content aimed at children.