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This is Halloween, because Michael Myers is on the loose. You don’t like your steaks rare, you mostly like your movies and Halloween costumes. If nothing can be too creepy, brutal and scary, then let the devils dance with our costumes. Serial killer masks, Halloween disguises for killer clowns (Pennywise, we still have a score to settle) and bloody butchery tools – whatever the splatter heart desires, you can buy here. We are not liable for nightmares and hospitalization after moments of shock 😉

Halloween is a classic costume party. Next to carnival, the 31st of October enjoys a special popularity. Many people believe that Halloween has a connection with the Celtic festival of Samhain. However, many writings that try to prove this are heavily distorted and so one cannot assume that Halloween has anything to do with the festival at the end of summer.

Spreading scares and frights together looks back on a long tradition. Originally named “All Hallows Eve”, this celebration comes from Ireland. Irish settlers brought the celebration, which once ushered in the New Year on November 1, with them to the United States. There it was expanded and grew in popularity. Kids especially have fun trick-or-treating. Since the 90s, Halloween has also become an integral part of our culture in Germany. Here, too, houses are decorated with the Jack O’Lantern, a hollowed-out pumpkin turned into a lantern, and made pretty with flickering candles, cobwebs and all sorts of spooky decorations. In Germany, you can also see children parading around the houses threatening “Trick or treat!” every year since then. Of course, this threat is nothing evil, as long as you have candy in the house or enough humor for the pranks 😉

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It’s hard to imagine pop culture without Halloween. Movies and video games from the horror genre always use the scariest day of the year as a release date or for specials, or special releases. One of the biggest horror movie series is called “Halloween,” as is a speed metal band from Detroit. The latter is often confused with the speed and power metal band “Helloween” from Hamburg.

On the video platform Youtube many content creators use the 31st of October for a Halloween special, usually about horror games or movies. The cinema and television also broadcast a particularly large number of scary films, and the Tim Burton film classic “A Nightmare Before Christmas” is also often repeated and watched thanks to its title song “This is Halloween”.

Of course, the party scene doesn’t ignore the festival of terror either. Horror parties and costume balls are huge! Entire theme parks are redecorated and turned into a stronghold for adrenaline junkies for “Halloween Horror Nights”. So you can scare your way through mazes or have your blood run cold with the fear sweat on your forehead from professional scare actors.

Watching is fun enough on Halloween, but joining in is even more awesome! So grab it and order everything you need for your Halloween horror outfit easily and conveniently. No matter if you wear a mask or make-up, a little fake blood or silicone wounds always look good! For an even more menacing costume, you can add a Halloween decorative weapon.

From individual pieces like capes and hats to a complete costume of Dracula or Frankenstein, it’s all here. If the classics aren’t your taste, how about Billy, the creepy doll of Jigsaw from the SAW movies? There are no limits to your imagination, just watch out that Freddy Krüger doesn’t visit you in your dreams.