Attack on Titan cosplay for kids and adults

Attack on Titan is a manga series written and drawn by Hajime Isayama. The series has been published since 2009 and has 23 volumes to date. So it’s a classic perennial favorite, which of course inspires all Attack on Titan cosplay fans.

To really get into Attack on Titan cosplay, you should of course know a little bit about the story, because an Attack on Titan cosplay isn’t just donning snazzy costumes, but rather actually reenacting the comics, movies, etc.

Our Attack on Titan Cosplays:

  • Mikasa Ackerman Cosplay
  • Levi Ackerman Cosplay
  • Eren Jaeger Cosplay


In this fantasy world there are sandy deserts, snow-capped mountains and shimmering forests. However, humans cannot explore this wonderful world because there are three rings of walls between them, protected by Titans as tall as houses.

The Titans are man-eaters who eat humans for fun rather than as a real food source. The Titans did not seem to possess any special intelligence.

The last survivors have been living behind protective walls for a hundred years now. This supposed security is shattered, however, when the wall is breached from the outside and the Titans pour into the homes of the families. So one of the characters, Eren Jäger, has to helplessly watch his mother being eaten by a Titan. He then swears bitter revenge on all the Titans and intends to kill each and every one of them.

Cosplay characters from Attack on Titan Manga

The human personalities from Attack on Titan are:

  • Zeke Hunter
  • Eren Hunter
  • Eren Kruger
  • Grisha Hunter
  • Levi Ackermann
  • Dina Hunter

All about the Titans

Titans are the primary antagonists of the series. They look similar to humans in principle, except for the size. They are usually about 3-15 meters tall and man-eaters. They walk upright and have a head that is usually much too large compared to their body. The body temperature of the Titans is higher than that of humans and they have no real digestive system other than the stomach. Accordingly, the eaten people after a while simply regurgitated. Almost all Titans have oversized mouths with very many, small, rectangular teeth. The cuspids are missing completely.

The only known way to kill a Titan so far is to inflict sufficient damage to the neck.

Titans need sunlight to be active, although there are exceptions that can walk in moonlight.

Based on their body size, one would think that Titans would actually have immense energy needs. Accordingly, it is surprising that the devoured people will again vomit and completely ignore other organisms.

Therefore, there is a possibility that the Titans draw their energy from sunlight. This is supported by the fact that, as already mentioned, the Titans are particularly active in sunlight.


Remarkably, Titans are very agile and fast despite their size. They are very strong according to their size and also have an excellent sense of smell. This allows them to smell their prey miles away. And finally, they take advantage of their remarkable self-healing powers. For example, even severed heads grow back in a few minutes, as long as the neck has not been damaged. And even fire and flames apparently can’t harm them.

There are several varieties of Titans, which can be classified by their different sizes:

  • 3-6 meters
    This smallest type of Titan has a human appearance and is closest to ordinary proportions.
  • 7 meters
    The heads of these Titans are very large in relation to their bodies and they also have an ape-like, stooped posture. This class is the most common.
  • 15 meters
    These are the largest of their kind. They also have relatively proportional body measurements.
  • Abnormal titanium
    These Titans deviate in their behavior from that of ordinary Titans and are therefore called “abnormal”.

Titans transducer

There are also hybrid beings between Titans and humans – the so-called Titan Shifters. You can choose between the human form and a titanium mold back and forth. The important thing here is that they retain their intelligence even in titanium form. Examples include:

  • Eren Hunter
  • Annie Leonhardt

Attack on Titan Cosplay Costumes

There are Attack on Titan costumes available for all the major characters from the comic. With the nature of uniforms, it’s actually not that easy to make your own cosplay costume on this theme. You have to be a pretty good seamstress and tinkerer. Therefore, for Attack on Titan cosplay, there are hardly any individual components for a costume to buy.

The best thing to do is to have a look at the Attack on Titan Cosplay Shop yourself! The perfect Attack on Titan cosplay is waiting for you.