Seraph of the end, also known by its Japanese title, Owari no Seraph, is one of, if not the most popular vampire-themed animes. It features a captivating story, compelling characters, bishounen, and more. If you are a fan of this genre, then you have probably heard of this anime. Other than the story itself, the show is also famous for its character’s good looks and stylish uniforms. So without further ado, let’s start with our topic for the day, Seraph of the End cosplays.

The stunning military boys and girls will capture your attention from episode one.  As a cosplayer, if you want to replicate their looks for your next transformation, then buckle up. In this guide, we will take you through a brief intro of the main characters, their personality traits, and the details of their outfits. By the end of the list, you will know just what type of character you want to cosplay and how you can find the items to complete your anime look. 

You can also find tons of inspiration if you are looking for cosplay ideas regarding the Seraph aesthetic. The undying fandom and the mixture of military and steampunk aesthetics are simply stunning. So let’s dive into the dark fantasy!

Characters You Can Cosplay

Yuichiro Hyakuya

Seraph of the End Cosplay - Yuuichiro Hyakuya
Yuuichiro Hyakuya – Owari No Seraph

Meet our main protagonist, Yuichiro Hyakuya. His birth name is actually Yuichiro Amane, but he got his sir name when he was brought to the orphanage. He is often nicknamed Yuu. Yuu is strong-willed and determined. While he is initially moved by the desire to take revenge, he eventually finds a better motivation. Yuichiro is also a fan-favorite protagonist because of his slightly flawed nature.

Yuichiro’s most popular outfit is his fighting uniform consisting of a double-breasted coat and trouser pants. The coat is embellished with flat, round golden buttons and two belts. He wears a white belt with a golden buckle around his waist and a plain brown leather belt across his chest. The sleeves and collar of the coat are decorated with green lining. 

He also wears a cloak, a pair of white gloves, long black boots, and a hat. The hat also has the same golden buttons and acid-green lining.  For his hair, he has the standard spiky black anime hair. The medium-length hair reaches his ears, and his hairstyle is pretty much consistent throughout the series. 

What you will need for the Cosplay – You will need to assemble the costume set along with a wig, long black boots, and his weapon, a katana with the same green color to blend with Yuichiro’s theme.

Krul Tepez

Krul Tepez - Owari No Seraph
Krul Tepez – Owari No Seraph

She is a centuries-old vampire with the appearance of a petite young girl. From the beginning of the series, she is one of the major characters and a fan favorite. Krul does not view humans as important but does not hate them either. She is one of the popular female characters in the show, appearing mostly by Mika’s side. 

Krul has straight sakura-colored hair that is partially tied in two ponytails and reaches below her waist. Her eyes are crimson in color and signify her status as a pure-blood vampire. She wears a short black dress with detached bell-bottom sleeves that end in white ruffles. She also wears black stockings. Her canine teeth are particularly sharp and should be one of the main focuses of your cosplay makeover. 

What you will need for the cosplay – For her cosplay, she is mostly seen in the same outfit throughout the series. You will need the complete costume and the Sakura-colored wig with long hair and long stockings. You will also need red eye lenses for her vampire eye color.

Mikaela Hyakuya

Mikaela Hyakuya - Owari No Seraph
Mikaela Hyakuya – Owari No Seraph

He is one of the human kids who was turned into a vampire. He was Yuichiro’s closest friend, and the two were always seen together in the orphanage. His current appearance is that of a handsome young boy with light blonde hair set in long side bangs and determined blue eyes. 

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Mika used to be frail as a young boy however, as a teenager, he is much stronger owing to his powers as a turned vampire. Before he was turned into a vampire, Mika had the appearance of a regular boy with wavy blonde hair. 

He wore the standard uniform worn by all livestock. As a teenage vampire, Mika is considerably taller and muscular. He is considered attractive, and while he still maintains his overall facial features, he now has a stern expression and fangs like other vampires. Mika is a complex character, and if he is your choice for a Seraph of the end cosplay, then this would make a fine cosplay. 

What you will need for the cosplay – Blue eye lenses, a white vampire army uniform, a blonde wig, and fangs will complete your Hyakuya look. 

Ferid Bathory 

Ferid Bathory - Owari No Seraph
Ferid Bathory – Owari No Seraph

Ferid is one of the antagonists of the series. From his first appearance, we know him as an arrogant noble vampire who thought nothing of the kids at the orphanage. Despite being on the villain’s side, he is nevertheless a popular character in the fandom.

He is described as a handsome vampire with elegant facial features, silver hair, and crimson eyes. His hair is cut into different lengths, with the bangs being shorter. He ties the rest of his hair in a low ponytail. Being one of the vampire species, he has pointy ears as well as sharp canine teeth. Ferid maintains a cool, arrogant expression throughout the series and is one of the most powerful characters in the show.  He rarely breaks a sweat and is seemingly always enjoying himself.

When it comes to his outfit, he wears a formal white army suit with a double-breasted coat, a black belt, a white cloak, and white pants. Ferid also wears thigh-high leather boots. He has a slender physique and pale complexion, which is complemented by the red earrings he wears.

What you will need for the cosplay 

What you need for the cosplay – He is a pure-blood vampire with an arrogant expression. So for the makeover, you will nail that expression. Next, you will need a wig to complete the look of his silvery white hair. You will also need the outfit and the red earring to add the finishing touch.

Guren Ichinose

Guren Ichinose - Owari No Seraph
Guren Ichinose – Owari No Seraph

Guren is one of the main characters of this show, who is also a protagonist in one of the sequels. Guren is a complex character. He can be nice and manipulative to achieve the goal in his mind. Plus, he is one of the most handsome characters in the show. Guren is the lieutenant of the vampire extermination unit in the demon army. 

Guren is an attractive young man with medium-length bluish-black hair and black eyes. He is tall and has a lean build. His hair has slightly longer bangs and is shorter from behind. Guren is mostly seen wearing the standard uniform, including the black and green colors. His cursed gear takes the form of a sword. However, that is not the only tool he uses for combat.

What you will need for the cosplay – Aside from his sword, Noya, what you will need for the cosplay is the black wig and the  JIDA uniform. 

Shinoa Hiragi

Shinoa Hiragi - Owari No Seraph
Shinoa Hiragi – Owari No Seraph

Shinoa Hiragi is a young lady from a prestigious and respected background. She also appears in the sequel story and is one of the major characters throughout the series. At first glance, she appears to be a cute innocent girl with a small stature. She is also one of the super popular choices for character cosplays when it comes to Seraph of the End Cosplays. 

Shinoa has light purple colored hair that is tied partially with a dark magenta-colored ribbon. Her hair is cut in front bangs that cover her forehead, with the side hair longer and falling on her shoulders. She wears a sailor-style uniform for battle and carries a scythe as her weapon. Like her other fellows, her uniform consists of poison-green colored designs and lining, especially the skirt. Her outfit closely resembles other female character uniforms, with the exception of the color of the ribbon. The front of the top has golden buttons on both sides and a lined ribbon at her collar. 

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What you will need for the cosplay – With this outfit, you will also need long black stockings and the right pair of shoes to go for the complete battle gear. 

Yoichi Saotome

Yoichi Saotome - Owari No Seraph
Yoichi Saotome – Owari No Seraph

Yoichi Saotome is a young boy with short, wavy dark brown hair and grey eyes. He is seen mostly with the imperial demon army and wears the boy’s version of the uniform. Despite his super young appearance, he is actually 16 years old. Before he was part of the army, he was seen wearing his school uniform, which was styled like a light blue gakuran.

His cursed gear is a bow that he uses along with his powers as a demon. The rest of his uniform is pretty much the same as the others. He also wears a thin brown leather belt diagonally over his torso. Like all other Imperial Demon Army fighters, he also wears white gloves. 

What you will need for the cosplay – Yoichi’s battle gear is rather simple, and you can even create the look yourself. The outfit is a simple coat and black dress pants, after all. For the shoes, you will need to find the right length of long boots and add the details. Lastly, your Yoichi look is complete once you add the brown hair and eye color. 

Shiho Kimizuki

Shiho Kimizuki - Owari No Seraph
Shiho Kimizuki – Owari No Seraph

Shiho is a young man with short red hair and a serious expression. He wears rectangular frame glasses that are black. He also wears the demon army uniform and is included in the Shinoa Hiragi squad. He is the tallest member of the Shinoa Squad as of yet. He is described as a handsome young man with a somewhat stern personality. 

His battle weapon is a set of twin swords that he uses to draw Kiseki-O’s power. He wears the same stylo of coat as the other males in their battle gear. However, there is a slight difference. Kimizuki wears two straps of leather belts around his right thigh.

What you will need for the cosplay – If you have previously cosplayed as any male character from Seraph of the End, you can use that for Shiho’s cosplay. His hair is short and red so you may need a wig for that. Add a pair of glasses and long boots, and you have your anime look ready. 

Mitsuba Sangu

Mitsuba Sangu - Owari No Seraph
Mitsuba Sangu – Owari No Seraph

Mitsuba is one of the main female characters in the show. She is an excellent fighter and wields a battle axe called Tenjiryu. Mitsuba has blonde hair that is usually tied into two high pigtails. Her eye color is purple.

She wears the standard Imperial Demon Army Uniform. Its coat is black with long sleeves that are usually folded and the collar upturned with a red bow in the middle. Like other characters’ uniforms, her coat has two rows of golden buttons as well as light green details here and there. 

She also wears a similar style of skirt with knee-length black boots. She also wears white gloves and keeps her sleeves folded. She also wears a white belt with a golden buckle. 

What you will need for the cosplay – Other than the wig, you will need the costume and a pair of long black boots. You can also find plain black boots and add the rest of the golden details yourself. 

And now, on to some tips. The first step to creating a cosplay is finding the right outfit. The anime character you are cosplaying has a certain style, and finding an outfit that fits the character’s appearance will be important. You can easily find regular outfits online, but if you want something unique and comfortable, it might take extra time and effort to find what you’re looking for. This is where we come in!

Once you have your costume, it’s time for the makeup! This can be a bit tricky since there are so many different styles of makeup in anime. Your best bet is to look at pictures of the character on Google Images or other websites that feature cosplay photos of people who’ve done this before.

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If you want to get really detailed with your makeup, then make sure that you know how long it takes for your skin to dry between applications of foundation and powder. This will ensure that everything stays put when you’re trying to run around in your cosplay (especially when wearing heels).

What You Can Find At CosplayHero

As you might have realized by now, in Seraph of the End, clothes represent a character’s status. In a world where the Vampires rule as nobility, they are shown wearing extravagant outfits with jewels and accessories. On the other hand, the humans that they sire are shown in simpler, lower-level clothing. 

The other important thing character outfits represent in this series is functionality. All the Vampire hunters dress in special clothes. These have an opposite color scheme opposite consisting of a black and green combination in comparison to the white and red most vampires wear. 

Each of these thoughts counts when you are dressing as a certain character. Once you decide which character you want to cosplay, the next step is finding the right outfit. 

Some characters like Yuuichiro have clothes that can be made by altering some pre-existing wardrobe items. However, you will need a proper cosplay outfit for more unique designs like Mika’s cloak or Krul’s dress. Most of these costumes are made using uniform fabric, and many are made after you provide your measurements. As fellow cosplayers at Cosplayhero, we help you find the best deals on the most popular anime cosplays. 

Check out our Seraph of the End cosplay collection. Each costume has a size chart provided by the manufacturer. Please check this chart to obtain the ideal fitting for your cosplay. In some cases, the outfit, shoes, and accessories are sold separately. Please check the description to find exactly what is included in each set. 

Lastly, another important part of your anime look is the hairstyle. Getting a professionally styled wig is a great way to create a stunning Seraph look. These wigs are made from synthetic plastic and are styled according to the character in the anime/manga.  


Which uniform do I need for cosplaying different Seraph of the End characters? 

Here’s a secret. Most of the characters wear very similar outfits, so you can use just one set of uniforms with different wigs and weapons to easily switch your cosplay.