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Dishonored, the stealth action hit centered around the Mask of Wrath surprised everyone. The spiritual successor to the famous “Thief” game series quickly became a favorite of fans and critics. Meanwhile, developer Arkane Studios has already been able to release three parts of the Dishonored saga. In Dishonored, players have great freedom. Do they sneak through missions undetected or do they kill everything they can see with superhuman abilities? Do they rely on their human abilities or do they use their special powers?


But Dishonored players don’t just have freedom of choice, as their actions as Corvo Attano, Emily Kaldwin, or Billie Lurke impact Dunwall. The more violence they use, the higher the Chaos level rises and with it the dangers for the player.
This balancing act is interwoven with the story. Every Dishonored game is about intrigue and revenge. How long does the player manage to control himself despite all the negative feelings and find another solution?
Not only the game mechanic variety provided for enthusiasm, also the creative design of the game world with many steampunk influences was pleasing. The visuals were somewhere between realistic and a distorted comic book look.
Even though the Dishonored games failed to become mainstream hits, they were praised by critics and managed to win some awards. A Dishonored 3 has not been announced yet, but it is certain that the story of Emily Kaldwin and her era is over and a sequel would be set in a different time.
For a Dishonored cosplay costume, there are many parallels to steampunk. Victorian outfits meet retro science fiction. Many mechanical elements made of bronze and copper, as well as gear wheels and noble engravings meet fabric clothing. If you are interested in the topic of steampunk, just have a look at the corresponding shop page, you will surely find what you are looking for.
Besides long coats and Victorian robes, however, one thing in particular is important:
The Mask of Wrath. With its mechanical look somewhere between skull and crude machine, Corvo Attano’s Maska not only looks creepy, it looks creepy good. An impressive eye-catcher!
If you’d rather make your Dishonored cosplay as Emily Kaldwin, the Emperor’s daughter, the iconic bandana alone will do the trick.
If you’ve already got your cloak and mask, all you need is the matching dagger and you can answer the Outsider’s call.