Dr. Strange was a huge hit at the movies. Do you want to learn to bend time and space there? Then check out our cosplays!


Benedict Cumberbatch, most people think of Sherlock, but right after those famous roles, Dr. Stephen Strange is probably his other most famous role. In 1963, the Marvel superhero Dr. Strange made his debut and the story surrounding him was made into a movie as early as 1978, in an attempt to make a pilot episode for a television series. This ended in disaster, critics and fans could not do anything with this version. The 2016 film adaptation, as well as appearances in Thor: Judgment Day and Avengers: Infinity War, were quite different.
Let’s get back to the character itself before we get into the cosplay. Dr. Stephen Strange was once a supremely gifted surgeon with a stellar reputation and a large dose of arrogance. A car accident resulted in severe injuries to the nerves of his hands, so that he could no longer follow his profession. His search for a cure eventually brings him to a magical order. This order recognizes Dr. Strange’s innate magical potential and teaches him the basics.


With diligence and dedication, Strange becomes a supremely talented member of the magical order and fights with them against evil from dark dimensions. But if it weren’t for renegades, the forbidden book and the powerful amulet “The Eye of Agamotto”…
For your Dr. Strange cosplay outfit, dress in the colors blue and red. Dr. Strange has an outfit that is based on typical mage attire. A red velvet cape with a stand-up collar and gold applications adorn the shoulders, a blue cloth robe with various black leather belts and light blue bands on the forearms dress the upper body. Add to that a pair of dark pants and high boots with wild looking blue ribbons as decoration. Another important detail is of course the powerful amulet, The Eye of Agamotto. In terms of styling, the beard and hairstyle are very characteristic here. A beard not unlike Tony Stark and a few strands of hair casually hanging down on his forehead are the finishing touches to a convincing look. For the first steps, you can surely make or sew a passable prototype with a little manual skill. If you want it to be really convincing and of the best quality, then you can buy the complete Dr. Strange cosplay costume from us and of course also order the amulet “Eye of Agamotto”. From the stylish boots with the blue straps, to the robe with the straps, to the cape, we provide you with everything you need for a really good cosplay. Here too, there are no limits as far as gender representation is concerned, we’ve already been able to admire a few female Dr. Stranges – with and without beard 😉 But no matter which representation you choose, with the complete outfit from our shop nothing can go wrong!