Groot, Star Lord, Gammorha, or Rocket: become part of the intergalactic Avengers with these Guardians of the Galaxy cosplays.


“I am Groot!” – even those who haven’t seen Guardians of the Galaxy can relate to this quote and even know the tree-like face. As part of the mega-franchise called the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the first installment of the science fiction saga was released in 2014, with the second installment “Vol. 2” following just three years later. The “Awesome Mix” movie soundtracks have also already achieved cult status as damn good mixtapes. Guardians of the Galaxy even finds itself in the top 100 highest-grossing movies of all time. No wonder part 3 has already been announced. Fans of both the films and the comics have been finding fresh supply since 2015 in the animated series of the same name. The video game adaptation from Telltale Games has also made some fans happy.
Guardians of the Galaxy centers around Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord. After the death of his mother, he earns his living as a smuggler, a so-called Ravager. This life path came about when Peter was abducted by a spaceship after leaving the hospital where his mother died. The story is colorful and flashy but at the same time doesn’t need to hide from other space operas like Star Wars.
For a Guardians of the Galaxy cosplay, there are many characters that are highly recognizable.


Let’s start with Peter Jason Quill, aka Star-Lord. His look between biker and pilot has a strong 80s vibe and remind of Han Solo from Star Wars. A burgundy leather jacket, or rather a burgundy admiral’s coat, a leather belt with a stylish belt buckle and above all a steel mask with glowing red eyes are part of the complete cosplay.
Assassin Gamora needs lots of green makeup, long purple hair, and a tight leather or latex suit with a semi-sheer mesh top. Her look is very similar to the club fashion from the gothic scene.
With the crowd favorites Groot and Rocket Raccon, the cosplay gets a little fancier, here you definitely need a lot of crafting skills or directly a great elaborated costume, like from our shop.
Groot is mainly made of wood and roots, so it quickly becomes clear that even a costume made of plastic requires a lot of strength from the cosplayer. Many single parts want to be assembled in wood optics to let the illusion of the human tree become perfect. With a Groot Cosplay you are definitely an eye-catcher!
There are several options for Rocket Raccon. Purists will especially want to depict the raccoon in his orange outfit in full costume. So here you need skin elements and a raccoon mask. Especially for the female faction and for children, a human version gives a lot of cuteness factor. Instead of the realistic looking mask, a pair of fluffy ears can be worn, and the rest can be topped off with subtle makeup accents. So all that matters here is the uniform.
We’ve got everything for every style, from cute and humanized to impressively realistic, so you can buy your awesome Guardians of the Galaxy cosplay. Don’t delay, order today and soon you too can say “I am Groot!”