You want to be like Tony Stark? Become Iron Man with our cosplays & costumes!


Much like Bruce Wayne in Batman, Anthony “Tony” Stark is a genius inventor and multi-billionaire. Unlike Bruce Wayne, however, Tony Stark is a much less tragic version, even if his identity as Iron Man began out of necessity. An electromagnetic core in Tony Stark’s chest was designed to prevent shrapnel from entering his heart after he was severely injured in a missile explosion and terrorist abduction. But a tinkerer as Tony Stark is, he soon tinkers with this electromagnet. It is not long before he improves upon this and invents a powerful suit of battle armor. With these inventions he goes out as Iron Man to fight for the good.
Take the great tragedy and gloom out of Batman and add for it loose talk, a big ego and later a drinking problem and we’re at Iron Man.
For a long time Iron Man was not too well known, especially in Germany. With the film adaptations, that changed overnight. Robert John Downey Jr., who himself was a huge fan of the comics, has made the character incredibly popular with his portrayal of Tony Stark and is no longer imaginable without him. Unlike Spider-Man, who is played by someone else in every movie it feels like, you wouldn’t want to miss Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man.


In the world of video games, Iron Man hasn’t had much luck and has been average at best with the typical moviegames. Iron Man as a character in various fighting games is a better fit.
As an option for cosplay, Iron Man is not for beginners due to his armor. An Iron Man cosplay costume must have metallic shine and glowing parts, preferably with moving parts for an automated mask, or helmet that you can open.
Making this complex costume yourself is quite a challenge. Easier to make yourself is a Tony Stark cosplay costume. The best place to start is with the iconic Tony Stark beard, the stylish chin beard is highly recognizable. Add a casual hairstyle and aviator sunglasses and it almost doesn’t matter what you wear with it. A shirt and tie is best for a businessman’s look or a modern cut shirt. But be careful, here again you have to watch out for the glowing electromagnet on the chest. For a shirt or undershirt with Iron Man characters on the chest and LED lighting, you’ve come to the right place. If you want to improve your Iron Man Cosplay LED costume even more, then you should still buy the Iron Man glove with lighting. You can easily order everything from us and soon become Iron Man.
If you’d rather have the Iron Man armor, you can also order Tony Stark’s red and gold shiny suit. This premium cosplay costume looks stunning and will draw plenty of stares, we promise. But regardless of whether Tony Stark is in civilian clothes or a high-tech mech suit, the most important thing is, of course, your portrayal of Tony Stark’s character. A loose mouth and, above all, plenty of self-confidence are important for the perfect Iron Man portrayal. Because not every superhero dares to go public to proclaim: I am Iron Man!