Become a thunder god yourself and protect the earth from Loki & more villains with the best cosplays ever!


The now very successful and popular film series, or rather the character Thor is based on the comic book character created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1962, which in turn is based on a character from Norse mythology. So far, so complicated. The thunder god with his stately measurements of 1,98m and 140kg has an extraordinary strength, which he proves again and again with his hammer Mjolnir – nobody else can even lift him.
Banished to Earth as punishment, this member of the Avengers disguises himself as Dr. Don Blake. Another key character with great popularity is Loki, who is also loosely based on the eponymous god of Germanic mythology. In the comics, he is comparable to Satan, a god of lies and always trying to destroy the gods of Asgard, and despite great abilities, prefers to be passive in battle as the planner and mastermind of operations. In the more popular movie version, played by Tom Hiddleston, Loki is a son adopted by Odin and is of the Frost Giant race.
These characters are becoming increasingly popular in cosplay specifically because of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Also happy to gender swap and thus be a female Thor and female Loki.


The costumes are very iconic in design and clearly recognizable. Let’s start with Thor.
Thor wears a mix of medieval-looking plate and chain armor and a modern superhero suit. High, sturdy boots with knee pads in black and gold, leather trousers and a leather loincloth in black and blue for the lower half of the body. The upper half of the body is clad in a long red cape, a silver to black chainmail-like outer garment, and an armored vest in black and gold. The hairstyle is ideally blond and long, this can be remedied with a wig. Very important for the cosplay costume is of course Thor’s hammer Mjolnir, with which you can do all kinds of fun in the cosplay everyday life.
The Loki costume, or Loki’s outfit resembles an officer of the military in design. Colored in black, green, and gold, most of the clothing here is leather, with some sturdy panels on the shoulders, torso, and forearms. Loki wears black boots, leather pants that resemble modern biker pants, and a sort of modern tunic that extends to one side above the left knee. This is accompanied by an ankle-length cape made of leather, which contains the aforementioned shoulder plates. Optionally, you can now add the horned helmet of Loki. The long and curved horns emphasize the comparisons to Satan in the comic book version. As hairstyle are also here “simply” long hair of need, but in black. Here, too, you can resort to the wig. Curiosity piques you? Then you can buy your Thor cosplay here or of course order your Loki costume. Both characters also make great partner costumes!


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