Spy x Family cosplays are the new hit among anime fans to celebrate their love for this unique and adorable anime family. With an ongoing manga, the series has two officially aired anime seasons and a movie in production. Its story revolves around Twilight, a spy who works day and night for the peace of Westalis City. In his relentless pursuit of peace, he is eventually given a long-term espionage task where he needs to disguise himself as a young married man with a family to get close to a certain individual in the higher class of society. 

Thus our favorite family quartet is born as Twilight takes on a fake identity as Loid Forger. He eventually adopts Anya, a mysterious and curious 6-year-old, and marries Yor Briar, a diligent worker at the Community Hall. The trio also has a dog that has undergone military training. However, there is another twist to the story. Twilight, now Loid, is oblivious to the fact that the young girl he has adopted is, in fact, an esper with the ability to read anyone’s mind.

Furthermore, his wife, Yor Forger, also leads a double life where she works as an assassin. This weird trio s further accompanied by a dog that can see the future. Together, they struggle to progress as a family while also protecting their secrets from each other.

Therefore without further ado, let's get to our list of handpicked characters for a Spy x Family cosplay. 

Characters You Can Cosplay

Agent Twilight - Loid Forger

Agent Twilight is our main protagonist, who is a spy. As he generally never discloses his real identity, we also only know him by his code name. With his new mission, operation S.T.Y.X, he assumes a new identity of a person named Loid Forger. While Twilight disguises for most of his missions, his real appearance is that of a handsome young man with light blonde hair, commanding blue eyes, and a pale complexion. 

Loid Forger - Spy  x Family Cosplay
Loid Forger - Spy x Family Cosplay

He is noted to be quite attractive by many female characters in the show. When it comes to his outfit, his most popular look includes a light green three-piece suit with a white shirt and red tie. He also wears a hat of the same color. When at home, Loid tends to dress more casually in T-shirts and trousers. But that’s not all.

Other than being a married man with a young child, as Loid, he is also a psychiatrist. Therefore, at practice, Loid wears a long white lab coat over his shirt. With the show’s ongoing popularity, Loid and Yor are a beloved pair. Therefore if you are looking for a romantic couple’s cosplay, then this could very well be the ideal pair. 

Yor Briar - Yor Forger

Yor Briar, now known as Yor Forger, is Loid Forger's wife. Although not much is revealed about her background, we know that for reasons untold, she secretly works as an assassin. Yor and Loid agree to a marriage based on their own interests, to keep their secret missions a secret and remain unsuspicious from the general public. 

Yor Forger - Spy x Family
Yor Forger - Spy x Family
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Yor is described as a beautiful and slightly airheaded woman with a surprising amount of brute strength. She is noted to be really pretty by Loid. Yor has waist-length black hair, red eyes, and a light complexion. Just like her double life, she has more than one iconic appearance. In her civilian appearance, she wears a red off-shoulder knitted dress with black tights and black shoes. Her hair is also tied up, with two loose strands reaching her chest from either side. She also wears a pair of golden pointy earrings. 

At the city hall, she wears the standard uniform, including a white shirt, a green waistcoat, and a green pencil skirt, while keeping the same hairstyle. However, as an assassin, Yor is a different person. There, she goes by the title “Thorn princess” and wears a long elegant off-shoulder black dress. She also wears thigh-high boots and uses two long stiletto-type golden blades. The inside of the dress is also decorated with an intricate rose pattern. 

Anya Forger

Anya Forger - Spy x Family Cosplay
Anya Forger - Spy x Family Cosplay

Anya is a five or six years old child that Loid adopted from the orphanage. While most of the grownups do not realize Anya is an esper and has the ability to read everyone’s mind. This ability of hers, however, is not activated on will, and she can therefore get quite tired of the mental noise when she is in public. Anya told Loid that she is six years old, but she looks a bit little for that age, in Loid’s opinion. 

She has pink colored hair that reaches just below her shoulders. Anya also wears black and golden, slightly pointed hair accessories on either side of her hair. She has curious, and bright emerald green eyes and most wear a black dress with black shoes and white socks. Alongside her outfit, Anya also carries a stuffed animal that is something like a Chimera, which is also what Anya calls it. 

As a student at Eden academy, Anya wears the standard girls' uniform, which consists of a knee-length dress with exquisite golden embroidery. The uniform also consists of white leggings and black shoes.

Yuri Briar

Yuri Briar - Spy x Family Cosplay
Yuri Briar - Spy x Family Cosplay

Yuri is Yor’s younger brother and makes his first appearance in the anime after finding out about his sister’s sudden marriage from a colleague. He is shown to be a stern police officer who shows no mercy to the criminals. However, he keeps this side of his job from his Sister, who he adores very much. As they are siblings, Yuri resembles Yor a lot.

The two have similar complexions and hair colors. Yuri’s hair reaches a little below his ears. He also wears different outfits during different parts of the show. For example, when he is at work, he wears an officer’s uniform. However, when he came to visit Yor, he wore a white shirt with a black tie and black pants, as well as a long coat over it. For a sibling's cosplay, these two are an excellent options, as Yuri dislikes Loid and is impressed by him at the same time. 

Bond Forger

Bond Forger - Spyy x Family Cosplay
Bond Forger - Spyy x Family Cosplay

If you want to create a cosplay with your pet, then a cosplay of Bond would be great for your pooch. Bond is the beloved dog of the Forger family. Although Anya claims that Bond is simply a large white dog, it is assumed that he as actually a Great Pyrenees. Bond has slightly long, pure white fur, which fades to black around the paws. After being adopted into the family, Bond wears a black bow tie. Following Anya and Bond’s friendship, it is a very fun cosplay to do with your favorite pet.

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Fiona Frost - Night Fall

Fiona Frost - Spy x Family Cosplay
Fiona Frost - Spy x Family Cosplay

Fiona is a spy who has previously worked under Twilight. She respects him deeply, and her admiration reaches the point of affection. However, contrary to her passionate feelings, Fiona appears to always have the same, flat expression. She is a beautiful woman with chin-length snow-white hair and dark, black eyes. As a spy, she is also excellent at disguising herself as another person, and her athletic abilities are second to none. If you are looking for a fashionable female cosplay from this show, then consider dressing as Fiona. 


Handler - Spy x Family Cosplay
Handler - Spy x Family Cosplay

Handler is Twilight’s coworker, and he often receives his new orders and mission details from her. She represents the higher authorities and is mostly shown giving the mission briefs. Her real name is Sylvia, and while much about her past is not yet revealed, it is known that she once had a daughter around Anya’s age.

When it comes to her appearance, Handler is an elegant woman with a slightly motherly aura. She has long, strawberry-blonde hair that ends in curls around her waist. Handler is mostly seen wearing a formal outfit consisting of a black hat and a black tail dress, with the front of the skirt reaching above her knees and the back reaching her feet.  She also wears black stockings and black, round-toe-heeled pumps. Handler is a tall woman who appears even sterner when wearing glasses. Much like all her other colleagues, she appears differently when it public, disguising herself as a civilian. 

Damian Desmond

Damian Desmond - Spy x Family Cosplay
Damian Desmond - Spy x Family Cosplay

Damian is one of the recurring characters in the show. He is Anya’s classmate and the son of Loid’s current target. As he comes from a noble family, Damian has that air of nobility around him. While he initially comes across as bossy, Damian simply wants to get close to his father and make him proud. He also cherishes his friends and aims to become an exceptional student. When it comes to his appearance, Damian has short black hair and yellowish-hazel eyes. 

He is mostly seen wearing the standard boys' uniform of the Eden Academy. The boys’ uniform consists of a black blazer with golden embroidery at the lower hem, knee-length shorts, brown and black, vertically striped socks, and black shoes. However, when he is in the dorm lounge, Damian sports a more casual look which includes a light blue shirt, a sleeveless sweater, and pants. 

Franky Franklin

Franky - Spy x Family Cosplay
Franky - Spy x Family Cosplay

Franky is also a recurring character who often assists Loid with gathering information, forging documents, and babysitting Anya, earning him the nickname Uncle Franky. So this list does not get completed without mentioning him. 

When compared to the other character designs in the show, Franky has a slightly unique design. He has a square-shaped face, very curly black hair, and round eyes with prominent eyelashes. His usual attire includes a white shirt and black pants with black suspenders. In addition, Franky has a short beard and wears a thick square glasses frame as well as a single earring on his left ear. However, when in disguise, he changes his looks considerably, with only his hair keeping its perm-like style. 

Donovan Desmond

Donovan Desmond - Spy x Family
Donovan Desmond - Spy x Family

Last but not least, we have the unsociable and mysterious Donovan Desmond, the original target of operation S.T.Y.X. He is Damian’s father and a figure that threatens the peace between the two nations. Unlike his son, Donovan has a gaunt face, and deep, sunken eyes, which he keeps open to the extreme point that they appear entirely round. In addition, Donovan’s hair is always kept combed back and shaved behind the ears. 

He also lacks eyebrows which further add to his expressionless look. In his first proper anime appearance, it can be noticed that he has scars on the side of his head. He has a mustache and is always seen wearing formal outfits during his few public appearances. Loid also notes that Donovan always appears very cautious and has an ashen skin tone. 

Donovan wears a dull brown color suit with a tie. He is mostly surrounded by his bodyguards, making him difficult to approach. Given his personality and secret motives, he is an interesting antagonist. If you are interested in a slightly villainous cosplay, this cosplay is the one for you.

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What are some recommendations for good cosplay?
A good cosplay is brought together with properly fitting clothes, character design-accurate makeup, and the addition of essential accessories. For a spy Family cosplay, you will need the costume, wig, and a little getting in character.