DIY Amazing Halloween Costumes
DIY Amazing Halloween Costumes for Best Friends 6


Halloween is a traditional day that holds a lot of importance for everyone regardless of their age. People forget all the rules. They dress up how they want, be who they want, and act how they want. When Halloween is just around the corner, everyone starts to think about what character they will be this year and how they will dress up. But instead of dressing up alone this year, how about you and your best friends dress up together? Sounds fun, right? It will be even more fun if you and your best friends design the whole Halloween outfit together. Nothing sounds better than “Halloween costumes for best friends”.

Search through our options to find the perfect look for you and your best friends. Creating your costumes together will make it easy and fun. Also, you will make many memories. It will be a chance for you all to have a moment of bonding and laughter again.

DIY Ideas for Halloween Costumes for Best Friends

1. Power Puff Girls

Power Puff Girls
DIY Amazing Halloween Costumes for Best Friends 7

Are you a group of three girls? Then what’s better than dressing up as the Power Puff girls and reliving your childhood together. It will give everyone a good laugh and nostalgia. All you have to do is arrange a blue, red, and green dress with hair styled accordingly.

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2. Bad and Boogie

Pair a black t-shirt or a crop top with black jeans or a mini skirt. On one paper, write ‘BAD’ and on another paper write ‘BOOGIE.’ Make two holes on one side of each paper and tie it with a string to wear it around your neck. And just like that, your “Halloween costume for best friends” is ready.

3. Thing 1 Thing 2

Thing 1 Thing 2
DIY Amazing Halloween Costumes for Best Friends 8

A simple outfit is the best outfit, and you can never go wrong with a classic. Inspired by ‘Cat in the Hat,’ you can style this costume. Take two plain red dresses and write ‘THING 1’ on one and ‘THING 2’ on the other. Wear a blue wig to complete the look.

4. A pack of M&Ms

Halloween is all about treats. So what’s better than dressing up as one? Dress up as M&Ms and trick everyone for a treat. All you have to do is wear plain t-shirts of each M&M color with blue or black jeans. To add to the outfit, you can either paint or get an M printed on the front and back of the t-shirts.

5. The Spice Girls

Spice Girls
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Are you a big group of best friends? Dressing up like different spices is a great pun to think about. Wear a plain black t-shirt with black jeans and put giant cut-outs of different kinds of spices around your neck. It will have everyone laughing and surely make you stand out in the whole crowd.

6. Sun and Moon

One of you can become a moon and wear a silver dress with a cardboard crescent moon cut-out and a bit of silver paint on the face. The other can put on gold or a yellow dress with the arms of the sun painted shiny gold color because the sun shines brighter than anything.

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7. Emojis

Everyone has one favorite emoji. With your best friends, dress up as your favorite emoji. All you have to do is get a giant cut-out of the emoji and wear it around your neck. Have two cut-outs for the back and front. It will have everyone in the room laughing.

8. Ice Cream and Cotton Candy

Ice Cream and Cotton Candy
DIY Amazing Halloween Costumes for Best Friends 10

The one dressing up like cotton candy can wear a pink dress with flair and pair it with pink shoes and white gloves. Add a little pink in the hair to be a pink cotton candy head to toe. The one who dresses up like ice cream can wear a white dress with some colorful threads glued to it, showing a little sprinkle on the vanilla ice cream scoop.


Thinking about how you will dress up on Halloween has everyone excited as the day comes closer. But dressing up together with your best friend doubles the fun. When searching for “Halloween costumes for best friends,” you find so many options. We have put together a few DIY ideas for outfits that you can create with your best friends making this Halloween a memorable one. Browsing through our DIY options will help you find something satisfying.