DIY Elves Costume
DIY Elves Costume for Kids and Adults 5


On Halloween, we always go crazy. How about we have a little change this year and go for something simpler? Do you also want to choose a costume that doesn’t require much time or money? A good costume blurs the line between reality and fantasy. It doesn’t have to cost you a lot or take a lot of your time and energy to make. Hence, “elves costume” can be your perfect choice for a crazy night like Halloween.

Holidays like July 4th, Christmas, and Halloween are the ones people look up to every year. But Halloween has to be the biggest holiday to let your spirit fly free. What can be better than creating “elves costume.” It can be a good pick for kids and adults. Elves are cute and loved by everyone. They have to be the naughtiest of all the mythical creatures. They are also happy, helpful creatures that help our favorite Santa make presents for all of us and take care of his reindeers. These timeless creatures bring a smile to everyone’s face. Their costume is not a size-focused outfit. It doesn’t matter what your height or body shape is. Indeed, this is the biggest pro of being an elf. You can be a happy elf making everyone in the room smile.

The following article contains all the details that you need to know to DIY your “elves costume” and put a smile on everyone’s face. Dig in!

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DIY Ideas for Elves Costume

DIY Red Primary Elf Costume

DIY Red Primary Elf Costume
DIY Elves Costume for Kids and Adults 6

It is a simple, no-sew elf costume. It can be worn by everyone, from babies to adults. You need a cherry red shirt and pants for this costume, or you can look for a full red PJ set. You will need red socks, white gloves, and a long red pointed cap to accessorize.

The outfit can be reutilized for Christmas the same year or just as a regular all red, comfortable PJ set you can wear all day at home.

DIY Girls Elf Costume

DIY Girls Elf Costume
DIY Elves Costume for Kids and Adults 7

It is simple and a super cute costume idea for girls. You will need a green dress, red socks with red shoes, a red belt, and a long red pointed cap to DIY this costume. To complete the look, wear a pair of white gloves.

You can do something simple for makeup with glitter on the eyes and cheeks and shiny lip-gloss.

DIY Green Primary Elf Costume

DIY Green Primary Elf Costume
DIY Elves Costume for Kids and Adults 8

Earlier, we offered you a red elf costume. Now, we present you with a green elf costume. All you need is a green shirt and pants or a green PJ set. Accessories will remain the same, including red socks, white gloves, and a long red pointed cap. How great is that!

DIY Boys Elf Costume

Like all other “elves costume” looks, this is also a simple one to create. You will need a green shirt and shorts, a long green pointed cap, brown shoes paired with red and white stripe socks, and a brown belt. It is easy to create and also looks adorable on little boys.

Elf Ears

To look like a good elf on Halloween, you cannot forget elf ears. Elf ears are unique, and they speak for themselves. You can find them online as well as in any costume shop easily. Elf ears distinguish them from all other mythical creatures.

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Elves Costume for Pets

Do you have a pet and want to twin with them on Halloween this year? Well, bring them along in the world of elves with you. Make a pair of elf ears, one for you and one for your pet. Your little elf pet is ready to steal the show and put everyone in awe.


Be different this Halloween. Be an elf. The “elves costume” ideas mentioned above will surely help you find your perfect elf look along with your pet. Dress up as an elf and put a smile on the faces of everyone you meet and have a happy Halloween.