Funny Halloween Costume
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Have you considered going for a “funny Halloween costume” this year? It is not wrong to make people laugh a little bit. After all, Halloween is the festival to act silly. Step up and be someone or something you are not. We can all use some escape from reality. It is all about silliness, and it doesn’t matter how you get there.

Every person wants their Halloween costumes to be different from the rest. They wish for it to be unique and fabulous every year in every way. Halloween is a much-wanted tradition for everyone. Many people start thinking about their Halloween costumes long before the actual day. In comparison, some people are deciding their costumes till the last minute. When you start searching for ideas for a costume on internet, you will find hundreds of options. You get more confused about what you should be for Halloween. Aside from specific Halloween costume ideas, we have many other trends being followed all over the internet.

There are many questions in one’s mind while deciding their outfit. Well, there is no need to worry anymore because we have several ideas for a “funny Halloween costume.” The following guide will help you choose the right look for you.

Choose a Funny Halloween costume

1. Dunkin’ Donuts Drive-Thru Costume

Dunkin' Donuts Drive-Thru Costume
Find a Funny Halloween Costume 9

Claim to be Dunkin’ Donuts’ biggest fans? Prove it on Halloween. You’ll love recreating this couple’s costume.

2. Easy Bake Oven Costume

Give everyone a blast from the past by dressing as this beloved children’s toy.

3. French Chef and Pastry Costume

Do you love food enough to be it? These chef and pastry costumes are too clever for words. It will be perfect for couples and best friends.

4. Fries before Guys Couples Costume

Fries before Guys Couples Costume
Find a Funny Halloween Costume 10

We can all be in agreement that fries rival absolutely anything, and this costume puts our point into action in the most genius way possible.

5. DIY Pop Tart Halloween Costume

It doesn’t get much better than a massive Pop Tart. It will get you a lot of attention in the whole crowd of Halloween.

6. 80’s Flashback Costume

The neon tracksuits and big hair of the 80’s will always be nostalgic and give a good laugh to everyone. Don’t forget your boom box.

7. Lightning Bolt and Strike Victim Costume

Lightning Bolt and Strike Victim Costume
Find a Funny Halloween Costume 11

Couples, best friends, and siblings can try this “funny Halloween costume” look. You’ll both look straight out of a thunderstorm, charred shirt, curly hair and all.

8. Bob Ross Family Costume

Is anything more soothing than Bob Ross painting a tree? This family costume is sure to get them giggling.

9. Blessings in Disguise Funny Costume

People always appreciate costumes that tackle a funny play on words, especially one this smart.

10. Funny Whoopee Cushion Costume

Funny Whoopee Cushion Costume
Find a Funny Halloween Costume 12

So maybe it’s not DIY, but no one can deny the humor of a Whoopee Cushion.

11. Funny Golden Girls Costumes

Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia, the cast of Golden Girls, all are here and as funny and fabulous as ever.

12. DIY “It’s Raining Men” Costume

Everyone loves a nice funny pun at festivals like Halloween. Have faces of different men on a paper hanging from your umbrella. It will have everyone laughing.

13. When Life Gives You Lemons Halloween Costumes

When Life Gives You Lemons Halloween Costumes
Find a Funny Halloween Costume 13

Wear a yellow dress and have lemons in your basket while walking around. Bring ‘when life gives you lemons’ to life.

14. DIY Chip on Your Shoulder Halloween Costume

Bring this idiom to life by adding a fun spin to it. You will have everyone laughing.

15. Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf Costumes

It is a perfect “funny Halloween costume” for couples. This take on the classic fairytale will make them have a good laugh.


There are many ideas on the internet for a “funny Halloween costume.”  Halloween comes only once a year. You want to look good and different from others on such a traditional day. We searched through those several ideas and narrowed them down to a few best ones. We created a shortlist of fifteen funny outfits to help you find the best one for you. It will have everyone laughing.