You are a huge Harry Potter fan and want to become part of this magical world? Stock up on our magical cosplays & costumes.


One of the younger book series, but has definitely become immortal classics of children’s and young adult literature. The same goes for the record-breaking film adaptations that have led to various successful acting careers. Of course, this is all about the magical world of Harry Potter. Joanne K. Rowling simply hit the mark and the imagination of her readers. Who wouldn’t want to be invited by an owl to attend a school for wizards? It’s about growing up, friendships, great adventures and of course sinister characters. There is something for every reader and the entire world is created and portrayed with a lot of heart.
So any reader can quickly empathize with poor Harry Potter when he is treated badly by the Dursleys and is equally amazed when the Diagon Alley or Hogwarts are explored. Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger are not only friends of Harry, they also become friends of the reader, or the viewer, with every line. And admit it, either you have already taken the test yourself or your acquaintances have already found out which house of Hogwarts you would belong to. Hufflepuff, Slytherin, or Gryffindor?
In addition to the novels and movies, there are various video games based on both mediums. So there were some action adventures for PC and consoles at the time of the movies’ release and even years later Lego video games, which are still available for the current console generations. Fan series and skits have also kept Potter fever high on YouTube. In addition to the main story arc of the Harry Potter saga, there also exist the spin-offs “Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them” and “Quidditch Through the Ages,” which were once written as charity novels. These books have also been allowed to see the big screen.


For Harry Potter cosplay outfits, we start with school clothes. Hermione, Harry and Ron wear school uniforms alongside their classmates. This consists of a white shirt and a striped tie. Over this is worn an ankle-length black cloak, or cape, with the coat of arms of the house and the appropriate color. For Harry you should of course either make up the scar in the shape of a lightning bolt or even glue it on with latex. Add to that a pair of round glasses – perfect. Another nice detail is of course the Hogwarts scarf in gold and red. For the burly Hagrid, a wig is recommended for the shaggy long hair and bushy beard. This is where powerfully built men come to shine! The clothing is a brown cloth coat, leather vest, red shirt, brown cloth pants, and wide-toed boots. Dog owners have a home field advantage here 😉
Professor Serverus Snape is all in black. His clothes here are made of cloth, even his long hair is black. Yes well, maybe his coat also very dark blue. Keep it colorful and you’ll be on the safe side. Note for your Snape cosplay that you need an extra long black cape!
Crowd favorite Dumbledore dresses in a grey Asian-style outfit. A kind of monk’s robe with applications of gold adorns the old man with his white razzle-dazzle beard. Here you can grab your wig again! A funny picture presents itself when Gandalf from the Lord of the Rings meets Dumbledore – an idea for a partner cosplay?
If you want to mask up a bit more and don’t mind more effort with makeup and latex parts, you can try your hand at Voldemort. When it comes to clothing, you can also take a cue from Snape, as Voldemort also appears dressed almost exclusively in black and draped in a cloak. Your masking skills should make the nose invisible and turn you into a hairless and pale figure.
For a comfortable and impressive cosplay, you can of course buy and securely order your complete Harry Potter cosplay costume here, suitable for every character. Here’s to Pottermania continuing!