Cosplay is an increasingly popular hobby that has grown into a full-fledged industry over the years, and many people are curious about how much money they can make from it. In this article, we’ll explore what cosplay is, how much you can make as a cosplayer, factors that influence how much money you can make, different ways to earn money through cosplay, and tips for making more money as a cosplayer. We’ll also answer some frequently asked questions about making money in cosplay and provide resources for further reading on the topic of making money in cosplay.

What is Cosplay?

Cosplay is an art form where participants dress up as characters from comics, movies, TV shows, video games, anime/manga series, and other forms of media entertainment. It involves wearing costumes and accessories to represent the character being portrayed and often includes acting out scenes from the source material or creating props related to the character’s story or world. Cosplayers may choose to attend conventions or events where they can showcase their work and meet other like-minded individuals who share their passion for this creative form of expression.

How Much Can You Make as a Cosplayer?

The amount of money you can make as a cosplayer depends on several factors such as your popularity level within the community, your skill level when it comes to crafting costumes and props, your ability to promote yourself online or at conventions/events, and how much time you are willing to put into your craft. Generally speaking though, most professional cosplayers who have been in the business for several years can expect to make anywhere between $500-$5000 per convention they attend depending on their level of experience and popularity within the community.

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Factors That Influence How Much Money You Can Make As A Cosplayer:

Several factors will influence how much money you can make as a cosplayer including your skill level when it comes to crafting costumes/props; your ability to promote yourself at conventions/events; how popular you are within the community; whether or not you have sponsorships from companies; if you do commission work; if you sell merchandise with your brand name; etc… All these factors will play into how much income potential there is for each cosplayer out there!

The Different Ways To Earn Money Through Cosplay:

The most common way for people to earn money through cosplaying is by attending conventions/events where they can showcase their costumes and skills which often leads to them getting paid commissions or sponsorships from companies interested in partnering with them (e.g., video game developers). Other ways include selling merchandise with their brand name attached (e.g., t-shirts) or doing online tutorials teaching others how to craft their costumes/props (which usually results in people buying supplies from them). Some professional cosplayers even get hired by movie studios or video game developers to be featured in promotional materials!

Tips For Making More Money As A Cosplayer:

1) Develop Your Skills – The better your skills become at building costumes/props and posing like the character you’re portraying, the more likely people are going to be interested in working with you either through commissioning pieces or sponsoring events/conventions where you appear!

2) Promote Yourself – Social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram are great ways of promoting yourself so that people know who you are when they come across one of your photos or videos at conventions/events!

3) Sell Merchandise – Selling merchandise with your brand name attached (e.g., t-shirts) is another great way of earning extra income while also helping spread awareness about who you are!

4) Do Commission Work – Doing commissioned work (e.g., building props/costumes for other people) can help bring in extra income while also giving yourself practice working on projects outside of just attending conventions/events! 5) Network With Others – Meeting other professionals within the industry such as photographers or other established cosplayers can help open up new opportunities that may lead to more income potential down the line!

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6) Be Creative – Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box when it comes it comes down designing new pieces or coming up with creative ways of displaying them at events so that they stand out amongst all other competitors!

7) Have Fun – At its core, this should still be fun above all else so don’t forget why it was appealing enough for us all to start doing this in the first place!


In conclusion, there is no definitive answer when it comes to asking “how much do cosplayers make?” since everyone’s situation will vary based on multiple factors such as skill level & popularity within the community, etc… However by following some simple tips & tricks outlined above along with having patience & dedication towards honing our craft then sky truly could be limit when it comes down earning potential through this amazing hobby we all love so dearly!

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FAQs About Making Money In Cosplay

Q1: Do I need any special qualifications before I start making money through Cosplay?
A1: No special qualifications are required but having experience crafting costumes & props along with strong marketing skills will certainly help increase one’s chances of success within this field.

Q2: Is it possible for me to make a full-time living off being a professional Cosplayer?
A2: Yes, although it requires dedication, hard work, networking, creativity, passion & luck.It’s possible but one must remember that success won’t happen overnight!

Q3: What type of jobs do professional Cosplayers typically get hired for?
A3: Professional Cosplayers typically get hired by movie studios, video game developers, comic book publishers, toy companies, etc…to promote their products by creating content around these topics. They may also get hired by event organizers/companies looking for models/performers etc…to appear at various events.

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What is the average salary for cosplayers?

The average annual salary for a cosplayer in the United States as of January 12 2023 is $46949 per year. If you need a simple salary calculator it will cost you an hour.

Do you need a license to cosplay?

Cosplay is the phantom genre at its core. Cosplay and other fan art may qualify as fair use because it is copyright infringement. Technical copying without permission from the copyright owner is illegal.

Can you make a living off cosplay?

Many cosplayers usually earn between $100000 and $200000 a year. The costume industry or the practice of dressing up as characters from movies books video games or other forms of media is a growing industry. For some it is a hobby. Wellness for others is a year-round business.

What is the golden rule of cosplay?

The golden rule of cosplay isn’t convention it’s a common expression in a society that means attending an event or wearing certain clothes doesn’t mean people can act whatever they want to cosplay.

Is being a cosplayer expensive?

All of this can easily add up and make sticking to a budget difficult. Cosplay costs can range from $100 for simple costumes to over $1000 for intricate custom designs. I plan to wear a cosplay to the event. If so travel and conference costs should also be considered.

Are there rules to cosplay?

There are no rules for cosplayers as a hobby. Of course, every convention you go to has its own rules published on its website but most of them have to do with public decency and safety.