Halloween Costume for your Cat
Make a Halloween Costume for your Cat 7


We are busy all year round due to our packed schedules. Holidays like Christmas, Easter, and Halloween bring us out of our busy schedules so that we can spend some quality time with our families. We sit, talk, click pictures, and make lots of memories. Do you like Halloween as much as we do? Halloween is the best family holiday out of all the holidays in a year. I don’t think anyone would disagree with that. As Halloween comes closer, we all get busy deciding what we should be this year. But Halloween is not just limited to us humans. It can be for our pets too. Do you have a cat? We have options for a “Halloween costume for cat.”

These costumes are just as adorable as your cute, fluffy cat. Read through our options and find the costume you love the most for your cat. You can also match your cat’s outfit with yours to show the world how much you love it and how excited you are to celebrate such a spooky day with your furry friend. Just because your cat can’t go trick-or-treating or enjoy a Halloween party, doesn’t mean they don’t even get dressed up. Your furry friend will not understand the “Halloween costume for cat” but the joy you will feel seeing them all dressed up is worth the effort.

Ideas for Halloween Costume for Cat

Lion Costume for Cats

Lion Costume for Cats
Make a Halloween Costume for your Cat 8

This year, let your house cat become a mini lion for one night in this lion mane costume.

Wizard Costume for Cats

All you need is a black cloth for the cape, a pair of round glasses and a red tie. Put them all together, and your little furry wizard is ready to do its magic.

King Costume for Cats

King Costume for Cats
Make a Halloween Costume for your Cat 9

You can get a little crown for your cat from any pets shop. Find a red velvet cloth and tie it around your cat’s neck. Your king is ready to rule.

Cowboy Sheriff Costume for Cats

You can find such cute costumes from pet shops or costume shops that have a section for pet costumes. Your cat will surely steal the show.

Birthday Cat Costume

Birthday Cat Costume
Make a Halloween Costume for your Cat 10

All you need is a party cap which you can easily find from anywhere. You can also make your cat wear a bow. It will give a perfect birthday boy look.

Pumpkin Costume for Cats

No Halloween is complete without pumpkins. So why not dress your cat as a furry pumpkin? You can find this “Halloween costume for cat,” or you can even make it yourself using some green and orange cloth or paper.

Bat Costume for Cats

Bat Costume for Cats
Make a Halloween Costume for your Cat 11

Do you have a black cat? This costume will be perfect. You can easily make it at home. All you need is black cardboard. Cut out two bat wings and attach strings to them so that your cat can wear them.

Santa Claus Costume for Cats

It won’t be weird to have a little furry Santa Claus roaming around at the party. This “Halloween costume for cat” can be found easily on Amazon or any shop.

Spider Costume for Cats

We have Spiderman. How about we have a Spider cat? You can find spider capes on Amazon that you can tie around your cat’s neck.  

Graduate Costume for Cats

Graduate Costume for Cats
Make a Halloween Costume for your Cat 12

Are you graduated? No? Then, how about you and your cat graduate together? Dress your cat as a cute little graduate, wearing a cap, gown, tassel, and even a diploma. You put on a graduation gown with a cap and win the show as you enter the party.

Unicorn Costume for Cats

It is okay if these little furry unicorns can’t fly. You can find Unicorn caps easily online or in costume shops. Have your little unicorn walking around at the party putting everyone in awe.


Dressing up your furry feline friend in a “Halloween costume for cat” is fun. We have provided you a list of different styles of costumes that will help you choose a perfect costume for your cat. Make your Halloween a memorable one with your cat. Click lots of pictures so you can cherish these moments forever.