Alien Costume
Make the Coolest Alien Costume at Home 6


Aliens and the idea of their existence might not excite everyone. We have seen, heard, and read about them in books and movies. Many books and films revolve around aliens, their theme, costumes, stories, aims, and much more. Those who get excited about aliens would love to dress up in an “alien costume” on Halloween. Halloween is that one day that fulfills everyone’s dream to dress up as what and who they want.

Everything goes with an “alien costume.” They can be made creepy or cool and fun. You can be whatever kind of alien you want to be and create your theme. In this article, we have cool ideas for you to help you design your very own “alien costume.” When it comes to designing your costume, the choices are endless. You can go bold and mysterious, or you can go simple and cute; but when it comes to aliens, the more unexpected, the better. Read through, and you will find all kinds of options. We have gathered the craziest and coolest homemade costume ideas.

Cool Alien Costume Ideas

Black Alien

You can use a hockey helmet for a large head. Glue some black foam on the helmet to make the head even bigger. For the metal jaw, draw the pointed teeth on a silver sheet in a zigzag manner and cut them out. Stick the jaw to the helmet to show how scary the alien is with such sharp teeth. You can use a black plastic pipe. In case you can’t find one, paint the pipe black. Cut a piece of it and attach it to a black shirt, making it the tail of the alien. Cut another piece, bend it into a circle, join the ends, and attach it to the helmet with cable ties. It will be a circle, halo-like antenna of the alien. Wear black pants and black shoes, and your costume is ready.

Rainbow Alien

Black Alien
Make the Coolest Alien Costume at Home 7

Wear a pink dress. Cut out rainbow logos and attach them to the shoulders or wherever you want on the dress. The most fun part about this costume is its mask. Take a piece of plastic and cut it out in a circle of your face’s size. Make two small holes on each side of the plastic mask, and tie the knots of the string to each. You can wear the mask easily then. Cut out triangle-shaped eyes on it and cover it with a black colored transparent sheet to have clear vision. Paint the plastic mask white. Do enough coats of the paint that it looks thick. Make two dots in the center to show the nose with a marker. Cut a little below the nose to show the mouth. Wear black gloves and your Rainbow “alien costume” is ready.

Caterpillar Alien

Caterpillar Alien
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It is a cute adorable alien. Take a green shirt with green pants and paint big orange dots on them as the body of the caterpillar alien. Take a piece of plastic and cut it into a semi-circle. Make two small holes on each side of the plastic mask, and tie the knots of the string to wear it. Cut out three small circles on the top of it to show the eyes of the alien. Below them, cut two big circles for your eyes to see through. Wear green gloves with green or white shoes to complete the look.

Shimmery Alien

Shimmery Alien
Make the Coolest Alien Costume at Home 9

This costume is the easiest to make. Wear a shiny suit of any color. You can quickly get it from a thrift store; no need to spend a lot of money for one night. Paint your whole face white, wear white gloves and white shoes, and your Shimmery “alien costume” is ready.


Not everyone is fond of aliens. But if you are, the above-mentioned DIY options will help you create your perfect “alien costume.” Everyone will love these and have eyes on you in the whole crowd. You can add to it as per your wish.

Halloween comes once a year. We should make the most of it. One should be who they want to be. Fulfill your desire to dress up as an alien most happily and satisfyingly with our cool ideas. Make your Halloween a happy and memorable one.