Funny Couples Costumes
Nine Best Funny Couples Costumes 6


As Halloween approaches every October, partners around the world who are celebrating it are confused about the same old question. No, not “What candies should we keep for trick-or-treat?” but “What will be “funny couples costumes”?”

There are so many options for couple costumes from cute to spooky; you will find all kinds of options when you look for them on the internet. It does make couples stress out over what exactly they should dress up as. For this year, why not choose from “funny couples costumes” to be different? Is there anybody who doesn’t like comedy or funny stuff? I don’t think so. Everyone likes a little laugh whenever they can.

You both go well together so your costumes should go better together too. We searched all over the internet to offer you some of the best options that you and your partner can choose from. In this article, you will learn some of the best ideas to make a funny costume for you and your partner this year on Halloween. Just scroll through our options till you find something that suits your taste. We have included options for everyone.

Nine Funny Couples Costumes

1. Sumo Wrestlers

Sumo Wrestlers
Nine Best Funny Couples Costumes 7

Get inflatable sumo wrestler costumes and be ready to stay in shape for a fight all night long.

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2. Hunter and His Prey

The girl can be the hunter dressed in camo from head to toe and the man can be the prey dressed as a deer. It would be playful and funny.

3. Loofah and Soap

Loofah and Soap
Nine Best Funny Couples Costumes 8

These two bathroom essentials are better together, so why not dress as up as one with your better half?

4. Bob Ross and His Tree

The guy needs to wear a light blue shirt and dark blue jeans with a huge wig on the head and a big paintbrush in one hand, and a paint palette in the other. The girl may put on a dark green dress with some fake flowers all over her. It will be funny to look at you both, but will also give out a cute vibe.

5. Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones
Nine Best Funny Couples Costumes 9

You can recreate the moment when the Starbucks cup was left out on the set. You and your man can dress up as Khaleesi and Jon Snow with a Starbucks cup in Khaleesi’s hand. It will give a good laugh to everyone.

6. Instagram VS Reality

This costume is super easy to do yet it is the funniest. All you both have to do is put on a plain t-shirt with jeans. Make two cardboards. On one write #FILTER, and on the other cardboard write #NOFILTER. “Funny couples costumes” like these which are simple but can give a burst of laughter are always the best.

7. Fruit Salad

Have a fruitful and funny Halloween, and dress up as a bunch of grapes and a pineapple. All you need is purple balloons for the grapes, a yellow t-shirt for the pineapple, a marker to draw on it, some green headbands and green paper to make the stem of both the fruits.

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8. Soda and Popcorn

Soda and Popcorn
Nine Best Funny Couples Costumes 10

Popcorn without soda is incomplete. Have your guy dressed like a soda. Wear a red shirt and have Coca Cola printed on it with white or wear a blue shirt and have Pepsi printed on it. Whichever soda is your favorite, opt for that. For popcorn, just crumble some yellow paper and stick it on a white t-shirt, wear the t-shirt with red and white stripe pants. It can be the other way round too.

9. Low Battery and No Wi-Fi

These two things can be the biggest nightmare for anyone, but they can be turned into a funny costume. This costume is super easy to do too. All you both have to do is put on a plain t-shirt with jeans. Make two cardboards. Cut out the first one in the shape of a battery and paint the bottom of it red, and write a big ‘1%’ on it. On the other cardboard draw a Wi-Fi signal and make an exclamation point on it showing no Wi-Fi. “Funny couples costumes” like these are always the best.


There are many ideas on the internet for “funny couples costumes.”  Halloween comes only once a year, so you must not only look good but also be different with your partner as a couple. We created a shortlist of nine ideas to help you find the best one. It will have everyone laughing.