Dinosaur Costumes Ideas
Ten Crazy Dinosaur Costumes Ideas 7


Starting from a young age, many of us are interested in dinosaurs. It is fun to imagine them and what it would be like if they were still around. We think questions like: Would we have some of them as pets? Would we have them in the zoo? Or would they live far from us in the wild like other exotic animals? Many of us as young kids decided to dress up in “dinosaur costumes” at Halloween.

Over the years, several film directors and producers made movies tapping into our fascinations and produced many films that featured dinosaur characters.

Are you also interested in dinosaurs like us? We have put this guide together with plenty of ideas, tips, and tricks to help you choose the right dinosaur look for you. The shortlist of ten “dinosaur costumes” ideas will make your decision-making quick and easy. Explore our list and get inspired to dress up as a famous dinosaur character from some of our favorite movies and television series.

Ten Dinosaur Costumes Ideas

1. Jurassic Park

The movie has over 18 species of dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes. Go as the deadly dinosaurs from Jurassic Park and bring the fun (but not the fear) this year.

2. Reptar from Rugrats

Jurassic Park
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 Choose this as your fictional character from the cartoon and become popular among the whole Halloween crowd.

3. The Land before Time

Land before Time
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This children’s movie featured four different types of dinosaurs: Littlefoot the Apatosaurus, Cera the Triceratops, Petrie the Pteranodon, and Ducky the Saurolophus. Dress as any of these characters and you’ll be sure to fill your friends with nostalgia.

4. The Flintstones

Everyone remembers The Flintstones, our early morning childhood cartoon. The Flintstones had a purple dinosaur as their lovely pet, named Dino. Dress up as Dino and leave everyone nostalgic.

5. Jurassic World

Dress up as the dinosaur which escapes an enclosure at the successful Jurassic World theme park. Bring the fun and choose any of the dinosaurs to dress up as.

6. The Good Dinosaur

Good Dinosaur
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The Good Dinosaur is a Disney movie that explores a much softer side of dinosaurs. The film showed how dinosaurs co-existed with humans peacefully instead of being roaring, scary, and giant creatures. Dress up as Don, a bright green and yellow dinosaur costume, or go as Arlo, the timid protagonist, and put everyone in awe.

7. Yoshi

Yoshi is a dinosaur that debuted in Super Mario World in 1990. He got a lot of popularity and had to be featured in the following games. He is one of the famous characters of Super Mario franchise today.

8. Godzilla vs. Kong

After the release of this movie, everyone wanted to dress up as these two iconic main characters. Get the fantastic inflatable dinosaur suit of Kong and be the center of attention in the entire Halloween crowd.

9. Ice-Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
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A family or a group of friends can get the popular inflatable T-Rex costumes from Ice Age and go as the dinosaurs. People around you would want to watch the movie again after seeing you.

10. Barney and Friends

Barney is our forever favorite. Many of us recognize the dinosaur trio from our childhood. If you are a trio as well, then dress up as the famous purple T-Rex, his friend Baby Bop, a green triceratops, and BJ, a yellow protoceratops. You will definitely have everyone’s attention.


Watching Jurassic World has changed our minds about co-existing with dinosaurs leaving that fantasy behind. We can safely say that the world is a safer place without them. But there is no harm in dressing up as one and showing up on Halloween night. You will still become the center of attention because low-key everyone loves the idea of dinosaurs.

We have created the above list of “dinosaur costumes” ideas after searching through many different ones to bring the best ones to you. Use this guide and make your wish of living or being around dinosaurs come true for one night.