Ten Fabulous Ninja Costume Ideas
Ten Fabulous Ninja Costume Ideas 10

tttttt Introduction

Kids love to imagine themselves in a variety of roles. One of such roles is becoming a ninja. Starting from a young age, many of us are interested in ninjas. It is fun to imagine how they would be and what it would have been like if they existed and lived amongst us. As kids, we think questions like would we have some of them as our friends. Would they live with us in our neighborhood? Or would they live far from us in the wild as we see in movies? Many of us as young kids want to dress up in a ninja costume on Halloween.

Over the years, several film directors and producers made movies tapping on our fascinations and produced many films that featured ninja characters.

Are you also interested in ninjas like us? Cosplay Hero put this guide together with plenty of ideas, tips, and tricks to help you choose the right ninja look for you. We have shortlisted ten “ninja costume” ideas that will make your decision-making quick and easy. Explore our list and get inspired to dress up as a famous ninja character from some of our favorite movies and television series.

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Ten Ninja Costume Ideas

1. Batman

Ten Fabulous Ninja Costume Ideas 11

Dress up as Batman in the animated movie Batman: Ninja. He does not kill but take care of the threats.

2. Elektra

Ten Fabulous Ninja Costume Ideas 12

Dress up as Elektra, and give out the vibe of a remarkable and amazing woman who is brave enough to take down anyone at the whole Halloween party.

3. Scott James

 Scott James from The Octagon, dress up as him and you will give everyone nostalgia and remind them of how amazing one’s martial art skills can be.

4. Haru

Although Haru in Beverly Hills Ninja wasn’t very good at his job as a ninja, dressing up as him can give everyone a good laugh. You need to put on a white karate outfit.

5. Snake Eyes

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Snake Eyes
Ten Fabulous Ninja Costume Ideas 13

Dress up like Snake Eyes from G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra and everyone at the Halloween party will have eyes on you. Pass on the vibe of undefeated and someone who can cross every line.

6. 3 Ninjas

Are you a group of three people best friends or three brothers? Then dress up as the three Ninja kids and give everyone a good laugh.

7. Scorpion

Ten Fabulous Ninja Costume Ideas 14

Dress up as Scorpion and give out major nostalgia to everyone. To be entirely in character, just scream "GET OVER HERE!!!" at the top of your lungs when you enter the Halloween party. You will be the center of attention until the end.

8. Ninjago

Ninjago from LEGO will give the cute ninja look, a ninja who cannot kill anyone. Everyone will be in awe watching little Ninjago walking in.

9. O-Ren Ishii

Dressing up as O-Ren Ishii will get everyone’s attention. You, a fearless woman who can kill anyone who comes in her way.

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10. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Ten Fabulous Ninja Costume Ideas 15

If you are a group of friends, dressing up together as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is perfect. Everyone will know you are a group and you will never lose attention at the whole party.


After watching several ninja movies with fierce ninjas, our minds changed about co-existing with them and left that fantasy behind. We can say that the world is a safer place without them. But, there is no harm in dressing up as one and showing up on Halloween night. You will still become the center of attention because low-key everyone loves the idea of ninjas.