Halloween Costume Ideas
Thirteen Easy Halloween Costume Ideas 8


The end of October is the scariest day of a year and an official holiday for those with a sweet tooth. Halloween lets everyone enjoy the impossible. At one party, you may be dressed as a 90s rock legend ready to own the stage in front of a large crowd. The next night, you are dressed up as someone from your imagination, wearing an outfit that resembles a sandwich you ate earlier that day. There is freedom when it comes to picking your “Halloween costume ideas.” One can go with anything that comes to their wild imagination.

Whether you are a cautious shopper or a big spender willing to go out on Halloween with the costumes, you will be inspired by our list of best costume ideas. Show off your festivity and explore your creativity. From classic movie icons to DIY options, we have gathered some easy yet unique ideas.

Don’t you know what costume to opt for? Well, we’ve got you covered. Keep browsing through the options we have for you before you spend a lot of money on makeup, wigs, costume accessories, and other supplies. Many Halloween costumes can be made with supplies at home and are more unique than an expensive one from a shop. We have “Halloween costume ideas” for men, women, couples, friend groups, and so much more. Just keep scrolling through till you find the best Halloween outfit for yourself.

Thirteen Easy yet Unique Halloween Costume Ideas

1. Baby from ‘Dirty Dancing’ Costume

For all the Dirty Dancing fans, the scene “I carried a watermelon” is a very recognizable.

2. Snow White Halloween Costume

Snow White Halloween Costume
Thirteen Easy Halloween Costume Ideas 9

Just grab a wig, red lipstick, blue t-shirt, and a yellow skirt for a DIY Snow White costume. Before heading out, take a fresh apple to be really in character.

3. Error: Costume Not Found Halloween Costume

 Write this on a white/black/red or any choice of color plain shirt and wear it over shorts/pants/jeans. This DIY costume can be made just a minute before you have to leave.

4. Joker Halloween Costume

Joker Halloween Costume
Thirteen Easy Halloween Costume Ideas 10

With neon green hair and spot-on makeup, both men and women can pull off this unique Joker look from JOKER 2019 winning movie.

5. Bread Winner Halloween Costume

Everyone loves a nice, crazy pun on a crazy day like Halloween. Wear a few medals over a tracksuit and have some loaves of bread in both hands, and your DIY Bread Winner costume is ready.

6. Cloud and Rainbow Halloween Costume

Cloud and Rainbow Halloween Costume
Thirteen Easy Halloween Costume Ideas 11

A cute “Halloween costume idea” for mommy-and-me; there is no rainbow without some rain. Mommy is the cloud, and the daughter/son is the rainbow, better together. It will be a lot of fun creating these costumes adding some color to your Halloween.

7. ‘Men in Black’ Halloween Costume

A last-minute costume idea for couples of best friends; just put on your black suit with a black tie and sunglasses, and the iconic ‘Men in Black’ costume is ready.

8. Farmers Market Family Halloween Costume

Farmers Market Family Halloween Costume
Thirteen Easy Halloween Costume Ideas 12

A perfect cute family Halloween costume idea where the father is dressed up as a farmer, alongside mother and kids as some best fruits and vegetables

9. Green with Envy Halloween Costume

We love crazy puns on crazy Halloween. It can be a perfect costume idea for best friends, couples, or siblings, where one wears a green t-shirt and the other wears a white t shirt with ENVY written on it.

10. Taco/Burrito/Burger Halloween Costume

Dress up your little one as a tiny taco/burrito/burger. It will too cute to eat.

11. Toy Story Halloween Costume

Toy Story Halloween Costume
Thirteen Easy Halloween Costume Ideas 13

A perfect Halloween costume for the family; get the whole family involved with the fun ‘Toy Story’ costumes.

12. Super Mario Halloween Costume

A costume for couples, best friends, siblings; dress up as Super Mario and Princess Peach and put the whole crowd in awe.

13. Milk and Cookies Halloween Costume

Milk and Cookies Halloween Costume
Thirteen Easy Halloween Costume Ideas 14

If you and your best friend or boyfriend/girlfriend go together like milk and cookies, then dress up together in this calorie-free DIY costume.


Halloween is just around the corner, and you haven’t prepared your costume yet. No need to worry anymore. Through our guide, you can have thirteen easy and unique “Halloween costume ideas” to choose. Many outfits from our list can be created with supplies already at home. Enjoy your Halloween to the fullest, looking crazy and fabulous in our unique costume ideas.